Below, you’ll find a selection of some of the gear behind Mike’s Table, all available for purchase through Amazon (not through me, so no customer service type emails, please 😛 ).

This is not an exhaustive collection of what’s in my kitchen, but these are all things I own, use, and love, so I thought I’d give these products something of an endorsement in case you’re looking to add anything to your kitchen. There’s cookware, cookbooks, and more, so I hope you find this helpful.

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2 Responses to “Shop”

  1. Arlene Says:

    I also use the VillaWare Belgian Wafflemaker and have so for 5 yrs. Like yourself, I love it. I have tested out many waffle recipes and will have to try the one you have on this site. I’ll share with you my favorite one. It’s on the epicurious web site.

  2. SunnyCakez Says:

    Very nice little website you got here.Mine ain’t that big, i just love to blog about my own cake recipes, check it out if you like.Ciao

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