Herb Butter Roast Chicken

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, I thought it might be good to roast a bird to kind of get in the mood (a mood which I meant to post about a week ago–I think we’re all in the mood by now). The result: a whole, roasted chicken, seated atop some hearty vegetables and rubbed with some herbed butter.

Herb butter roast chicken fresh out of the oven

The Thanksgiving rationale isn’t quite 100% it though. My wife had complained that with me experimenting with new recipes all the time, we never get to have the dishes we already know and love, and somehow from that conversation, she wanted a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Seeing how that wouldn’t be a terribly exciting endeavor for me, we compromised and decided on this dish. This was also a great opportunity for me to finally try a recipe from one of Ramsay’s books, In The Heat Of The Kitchen, seeing… click to read more…


Thanksgiving: the plan

I had originally hoped to have the majority of my intended Thanksgiving recipes posted on here, but alas, no such luck. So I figured I’d offer the next best thing: what I intend to cook (some of which is already posted here).

I’m hosting a small Thanksgiving this year, and I’m looking forward to preparing everything. I hosted a Christmas get together once before (20-30 people), and I remember the meal going well (good food, enough for everybody–it all came together!), but realistically, I barely squeaked by. I was still pretty new to cooking and did an awful job of planning, so I was running around like a headless chicken all day. I’ve cooked a lot more since then, I’m much more comfortable, and I feel like I can put a lot more thought into what and how I intend to get things done. With that said, I’m really looking forward to this dinner, even if its not quite for… click to read more…


Persimmon Chiffon Cake & Custard

This time of year is right smack in the middle of the harvest of one of my favorite fruits of all time: persimmons! I love eating persimmons fresh, but they really don’t get enough love recipe-wise. I was hoping I could try my hand at a different persimmon-based dessert: persimmon chiffon cake & custard drizzled with caramel sauce.

Persimmon Chiffon Cake & Custard drizzled with Caramel Sauce

If you’ve never heard of persimmons before, it is very important that we establish up front that these stout, orange-colored fruits (which look like odd tomatoes but are nothing like them) are simply the best fruit out there (I think I’d put figs second, for those keeping score). Grab some now at your grocery store if you can–they aren’t around long during the year, but they are really something.

Persimmons come in many different varieties which are all quite different from each other. My favorite is the hachiya: acorn shaped and one of the absolute worst things you could possibly eat… click to read more…


Tourtiere (Meat Pie)

I thought I’d try a new take on pies as I’ve only really dealt with pies and pastries in dessert form. I stumbled across tourtiere, a traditional French-Canadian meal, and it seemed like a perfect match. This is a pie filled with pork and is commonly served around this time of year, so it seemed like great new thing to try.

Slice of tourtiere

I can’t say whether or not the outcome here is as it was supposed to be as I’ve never had a tourtiere before, but I was pretty good about incorporating the core of what I encountered in other versions of this dish, but without any local French-Canadians to give their seal of approval, we’ll have to go on faith on this one.

I was excited when this came out of the oven–I mean its pie and its dinner! I carefully cut out a slice and took… click to read more…


Buttermilk Pancakes

A great breakfast for a sleepy weekend morning that will always please a crowd: freshly made buttermilk pancakes.

Buttermilk Pancakes

I ate a lot of pancakes growing up, and while I don’t eat quite as many now (my average breakfast has shrunk a bit), they are still a nice occasional treat on the weekend (that and bacon…). Plus, if you’re entertaining and have company, this is a great way to prepare something fast and fresh when you’re still not entirely awake. Nobody will be the wiser as a tall stack of homemade pancakes will impress and hold the crowd over until lunch. 😉 Furthermore, you can even cater to each person’s individual tastes with whatever assortment of toppings you have handy, so you should even have your pickier eaters covered (because we all know that nobody would dare to eat a plain pancake!).

I thought that this recipe would be fun to post here in case you might be more accustomed… click to read more…


Kaddo Bourani (Afghani Pumpkin w/Yogurt & Beef Sauce)

This dish is a change from the norm, but ’tis the season to show off pumpkins. Today’s dish is kaddo bourani, which originates in Afghanistan.

Kaddo Bourani (Afghani Pumpkin w/Yogurt & Beef Sauce)

Now I’m going to guess that you’re in one of two crowds in your reaction to this dish: (1) I’ve never had Afghani food before and have absolutely no idea what its like or (2) I’ve had Afghani food before from some amazing restaurant called Helmand and they had something just like this!

Well to the number oners, Afghani food is really tasty. My impression of it is sort of like Indian food as far as flavor and style goes, but “drier” (compared to the more stew-like curries that we all know and love). Definitely worth trying if the opportunity ever presents itself. To the number two folks out there, my first (and sadly only) exposure to Afghani food was at Helmand in the Boston area, and yes,… click to read more…

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