Raspberry Tartuffi

Some food combinations are a sure thing, and chocolate and raspberry is most definitely one of them. I chose to enjoy this classic flavor pairing with fresh raspberry ice cream, balled and formed into chocolate coated truffles of Raspberry Tartuffi.

I just happened to have a bunch of raspberries and no idea what to do with them (when good looking fruit is suddenly cheap, I impulsively grab and hoarde, get home, and then wonder wtf I can possibly do to get through all of this great fruit before it goes bad), so of course, why not ice cream? 😉 For the sake of keeping things interesting, I thought that having a big bowl of ice cream is fun, but some times, you want something more finger food friendly…like an ice cream cone, ice cream sandwich, etc. So why not make a more sophisticated version of bon bons and take this delicious home-made ice cream and cover it with a… click to read more…


Mint Julep Gelato

When it comes to alcohol, I appreciate many of the fine beverages out there, but I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if I had to pick one, I’m a whiskey man. For me, the tough decisions are single malt scotch or a good bourbon. Well when I originally made this dessert, the choice was simple: bourbon! I live in horse country, and while I truly couldn’t care less about horse racing, the charm of the mint julep had won me over. So today, something to help the bourbon lovers out there keep cool: Mint Julep Gelato!

For the uninitiated, a julep is a pretty simple drink but people can get pretty wound up about the particulars that go into making it. At the core, you’re supposed to have bourbon, fresh mint leaves, sugar, and water, where the mint is oh so carefully muddled just right to allow the mint oils to infuse into the drink without… click to read more…


Watermelon Sorbet

Does any fruit scream summer more than watermelon? Big, light, juicy, refreshing, and sweet–no outdoor summer meal is done without a piece of watermelon. So if you’re looking for something simple and light to put together to beat the heat at your barbecue this July 4th, why not make a batch of watermelon sorbet in advance?

This recipe comes from David Lebovitz, specifically from his fantastic book, The Perfect Scoop (for any home-made ice cream lover, you need this book. Seriously). I’d originally hoped to have some fancy schmancy decorative plating for you all to ooh and ahh at where I would make white chocolate shells, brush them something green, and fill it with sorbet (since that would look like a watermelon). You might notice no photos of this–yea, it looked that good, haha. So instead, it only gets as exciting as chocolate chips… click to read more…


Smoked Mustard Crusted Spare Ribs

We’re in the dead of summer and with July 4th right around the corner, barbecue should be on many a mind. Countless different images might come to mind when you hear “barbecue”–burgers, wings, pulled pork, etc–but if you had to pick any single one dish to represent this delicious style of cooking, what would it be? For me, it would have to be a smoked rack of ribs.

I used to be of the saucy ribs camp, but given everything I’ve heard about dry rubbed ribs, I thought it was time to give this a fair shot. I could never fathom it before–I mean after all, its just meat! Wouldn’t it be dry (“dry rub”–sounds dry!)? Wouldn’t it be bland? And so on. Ribs simply needed sauce.

Well now that I’ve finally tried dry rub, this is definitely the way to go. I love a good sauce, but keep it off of my ribs! You start with a light… click to read more…


A word of caution to other food bloggers: Tastespotting is back. And its changed

Update: I’ve been chatting with Sarah of Tastespotting offline and she has been very responsive to the concerns I outlined below, and to make a long story short, this long post is now all null and void (hey, that’s the Internet for you). Tastespotting is back in all its glory, the terms of use are short and sweet, and so enough writing about it. I’ve got to get back to checking out food porn as I am a loyal fan of the site once again. Thanks Sarah! :-)

First off, I apologize to the regular readers as this post is not the usual food/recipe subject matter (but I’ll get right back to it after this one, I promise). However, for my fellow food bloggers, I just wanted to say yay, Tastespotting is back. Except its different now andclick to read more…


Smoked Chicken Thighs with Pineapple Barbecue Sauce

While I’ve professed the wonders of brining turkey to ensure a moist bird, I’d never brined chicken before. However, after seeing what Jeff did with some chicken thighs, it seemed like it was time to give this a try. So I brined, smoked, and glazed some chicken thighs with a tangy pineapple barbecue sauce.

This was absolutely delicious and very well suited to July 4th weekend (or any summer weekend) kind of grilling/barbecuing occasion. The effort is pretty minimal and the results are very flavorful. If you were to taste the sauce alone without the chicken, it will taste a little unbalanced as far as a barbecue sauce goes (in my opinion–it leans most heavily towards sweet and spicy), but when combined with the chicken as a glaze after being flavored with… click to read more…

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