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If you would like to get in touch with me, you’ve got a number of options, so feel free. I don’t bite.

  • You can post comments on just about every page on this site, so if you have questions/comments about anything I’ve written before, feel free to post it at the bottom of the page.
  • You can follow me on Twitter. If you want to chat with me (and countless others) about anything or nothing in particular, its a great place for it.
  • You can email me. Whether its a question about a recipe, feedback about a recipe you’ve tried (and loved, of course! 😉 ), a request to send me free swag/consider a product review, or you just want to say hi, go for it. If its a link exchange/SEO/pyramid scheme sort of thing though, you can save both of us some time though and don’t say hi (sorry).

And lastly, if you’re wondering if I’ve ever cooked some particular dish, before you fire off that email asking for a recipe, please try searching on the site first. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and you have questions (or an idea that you think would make for a great post), I am always open to new ideas.

Anywho, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the site and aren’t too shy–I’d love to hear from you. :)

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18 Responses to “Contact Mike”

  1. Janice Says:

    Hi Mike, I was directed to your page on ice cream while searching for a technique to form ice cream into the shape of a rose. My aunt served ice cream like this at my sisters wedding shower about 35 years ago. I am planning a baby shower for my daughter-in-law and can not stop thinking about the ice cream roses. I haven’t had any luck finding directions for rose shaped ice cream (each ice cream rose was 1 serving). If you can offer any help I would appreciate it. Also, the roses were not made in a mold, they were hand scooped. Thanks, Janice

  2. Shelly Says:

    Mike: I saw your name on a site called Applemint. She gave a recipe for Plum Cardamom Pistachio cake. I hope you an help me, can you convert her grams to Tbl/cups for me? the recipe sounds divine. I love this site of your. Just found it. Will come back later for recipes for my party next week.
    Thanks for your (anticipated) help.

  3. Henny Mulder Says:

    Hello Mike,we tried your cornbread with jalapeno’s.
    Great taste and now we eat it very often.
    Overhere in Holland it is very dfficult to get a recipe.

    Thanks a lot.

    Ben and Henny from the Netherlands

  4. Gary Langefeld Says:

    I once bet a young lady that she couldn’t spell two words correctly. The first word: Souvenir, she got! The second word: Restaurateur, she failed to spell and I won a plane trip to sunny Florida. I wish I’d made the bet with you (laughs): See POPPA AL POMODORA posted Sept 10, 2008. There is not supposed to be an “N” in the word. Love your site and admire your photographic abilities. Don’t mind any other typos…God knows my sites are full of them…but I think dealing with food, you should get this one right! Enjoy!

  5. Donka Says:

    I love your recipes! Great job.
    So far, I have made the choc peanut butter cheesecake twice. It gets wonderful reviews!
    The only person who isn’t a fan of it, is my husband..he Loves cheesecake of any kind, but Hates peanut butter. Is there something you can suggest to add instead, for that one layer? I’d love to keep all the other ingredients though.

  6. Emily Meyer Says:

    Alright, chef-guru-extraordinaire, I’ve got a work-related challenge for you. Well, my work-related anyway. I want to pose this to Top Chef, but I think you are more likely to a) do a better job and b) do it period. I’m making my hurricane kit–canned and freeze dried goods galore, but I keep thinking that this could be more appetizing. Are you up to the challenge of making a 3-day menu for a gourmet hurricane kit? Use gourmet ingredients (as long as they aren’t perishable) and/or make amazing recipes from crap ingredients (also non-perishable).

  7. nick slaunwhite Says:

    how do i make crispy sweet pototoes fries,that aren;t limp…bake of course

  8. Doug Says:

    Hi Mike:

    Just found your blog. Looks great. Question. Do you have a link to print your recipes without all the other copy?

  9. Vanessa Says:

    Mike, you rock! Your creole beer battered fish was awesome! This will be a Sunday, football, family recipe for us! Thanks!

  10. Sharon Says:

    Mike, just tried the Afghan pumpkin recipe–beyond delicious!! What I most appreciate about your recipes is the background commentary, followed by step-by-step pics and directions (with a few cautionary notes thrown in when appropriate). Don’t know how you find the time to cook at this level, but you’ve inspired me to eat in a high food chain Thanks!

  11. Pear K. Says:

    Hello there, Im Pear from Thailand!

    Love your recipe!! First time in your page. Wondering if your have any recipe using Longan or Lychee?? My family orchard “Inwiang Valley” grow organic longan and lychee. wanna try doing some new dish with the fruites! any idea??

    will follow u up in twitter too! keep up the good work 😀

  12. soni Says:

    looking for Italian breadcrumbs recipes came across your blog. I saw your recipe on polish jelly doughnuts look yummy I am going to try it, like the texture, I am wondering if I could bake instead of fry the doughnuts. always wanted a good baked doughnut recipe

  13. grace wever Says:

    Mike–I have lost one page of a recipe called Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with White Beans and Sausage–the date on the web page address at the bottom of the page says 2008/11/09

    The page I lost has the ingredients for the soup on it–I am making it for guests for tomorrow–desperate!!
    Grace Wever

  14. Mary Says:

    Hello Mike: I found your Chicken Francaise recipe and want to try it instead of the one that was emailed to me from Yours looks so much better. I subscribed to your site today but wanted to know if you can set up your recipes so they can be emailed to someone? I didn’t see this on your website. Thanks for any input.


  15. Kathy Burkes Says:


    First I want to tell you thank-you for doing this site and to tell you just how much I have enjoyed reading it! My husband tends to get a little unsettled while I am enjoying your site, when I tell him I am looking up another one of your wonderful cheesecake recipes, he thinks he is going to go to heaven. My question to you is: Do you have a pie crust recipe that is made with crushed nuts? You see my family has a terrible problem with diabetics. So even though the recipe says ‘diabetic’ it doesn’t always work that way. My sister has diabetes and so she is very careful of the carbohydrates as well as the sugar content. She had a recipe for a crushed nut pie crust but can’t seem to find it now and I want to be able to get the recipe. If you can please help me with this quest. Thank-you and God Bless you!

  16. jane Says:

    We spoke on phone a while back…Very nice of you to thank me.. I still say you OUGHT to put these recipes in a book form… wouldnt cost much on your end to do it.. but you could make alot from it.. I go this web site all the time. i love what you have picked….

    jane Cook

  17. RockinRon Says:

    Hey Mike, First time cookin up a recipe from your blog. Took on the Beef Stroganoff, and it was a big hit.
    Great flavor, and worked great with some herbed bread. Look forward to trying some others very soon.
    Thanks for putting these recipes up on your site.

  18. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I stumbled upon your website about 2 years ago. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you’ve put into it.

    My partner and I have cooked a number of recipes from your page, including (but certainly not limited to!) the Roasted Garlic Chicken Soup, Chile con Carne, and I currently have the Tamale Pie on the go (it’s a cold winter’s day here in Australia).

    I guess I wanted you to know that the website is still being appreciated, even though it’s been some time since you last posted. Every single recipe of yours that we have made has been an absolute success – flavoursome well beyond the norm! We often joke that we’d be screwed if the website was ever to come down.

    I hope you are well and still cooking and eating the quality of food we now ‘know you’ for.

    All the best.

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