Super Bowl Food Ideas

Right up there with game day is game food. I have nothing to contribute to the former, so I thought I’d offer up a few ideas on the latter. Below, you’ll find a collection of recipes from over the years, any of which would make a great accompaniment to your Super Bowl Sunday, whether its for a crowd big or small.

If I had to pick a single food that screams Super Bowl to me, I’d say wings. Rather than the usual buffalo wings, try some equally simple-to-make Sriracha Chicken Wings.

Chili is a big hit that is guaranteed to hit the spot, and easily adjusted to suit your spice tolerance. This weekend is just a good excuse to whip up a batch of Chili con Carne

Chili con Carne

If sausage is more your style, bratwurst can be cooked up quickly and dressed up… click to read more…


My First Serious Attempt at a Vegetable Garden

Pardon the brief diversion from the usual format, but since I have a bully pulpit…plus, its ultimately food related, so this isn’t too tangential.

So now that I live in North Carolina, a state known for agriculture (long days, long growing season, large variety of things that can be grown here, etc), I thought it was about time that I get serious about that vegetable garden I’ve been talking about for a few years now. I’ve made some pitiful attempts in the past (a patio with about 20 different potted plants all crammed next to one another in pots that were way too small), but I thought I’d try to do things right this year. Its still early, but we shall see–I have high hopes for eating something from my backyard this year…hopefully its one of the plants I put in the ground and not a rabbit trying to get to them before I do.

Early in March, I… click to read more…


The Baby is here! Introducing Ramya Mulligan

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past here (and far more numerous times on Twitter), my two person family was soon to grow by one more as my wife was pregnant.

Ramya Sleeping

After all of the stress, impatience, worrying, preparing, and so on, finally, the day has come. Precisely on my wife’s originally predicted due date of March 30th (and almost precisely at the time of the final OB appointment), Ramya was born and ushered into the world eyes wide open.

Her tiny hands

She was a healthy 7 lbs 7 oz, 21 inches long, and so far, something of a night owl.


She’s a beauty (convenient since her name means “beautiful”) and we feel blessed to have her in our lives as happy and healthy as she is. I was also finally forced to take photos of something… click to read more…


A Stop in Seattle and Other Travels

First off, Happy New Year!

2009 promises to be a crazy year for me, and a part of it is possible (as in highly likely) relocation. Moving always stresses me out, but with things like a baby on the way, I haven’t gotten too stressed about moving…yet (I’ll wait until I have to start house-hunting). 😮 My wife and I have been surveying cities all over the country for the bulk of this past month (so in case I’ve seemed absent, well, I have been), and its been fun and exhausting. Now I haven’t been great about photographing the whole experience (e.g. a few great restaurants and plenty of awful ones), but there were a few photos from one stop on our tour I thought I’d share with you: Seattle.

Public Market

If you like food (and if you don’t, what are you doing here? lol), you’d love click to read more…


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to everyone who I missed!

I hope you have a great holiday (and time off!), and as always, good food. Just in case you’re looking for any last minute dish ideas if you’re cooking/baking anything for the holidays, I thought I’d give you a quicky:

  • Egg Nog: the way I see it, everybody loves egg nog. If you don’t, you simply haven’t had good egg nog. Plus, its a holiday-friendly excuse to load up on the bourbon (think about, which sounds better around noon: “I’m having a
    bourbon” or “I’m having a glass of egg nog?”). Its really simple and hits the spot.
    Egg Nog
  • Linzer Cookies/Augen: hazelnut and almond flavored, crisp cookies filled with a jam/fruit preserve of your choosing and dusted with sugar. A great Christmas cookie that is sure to please.
  • Rugelach: why should Christmas get all the cookies? Hanukkah overlaps Christmas this year, too, so this

click to read more…


Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Southern Inspired Thanksgiving

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving–I certainly did. I hosted again this year with a small gathering of friends and family, serving enough food for a…much larger gathering, lol. Normally, I’m just cooking for my wife and me, but Thanksgiving is an entirely different animal what with the wide variety of dishes to coordinate–you don’t want redundant flavors, too few pans, too little oven space, too much to do at once–its a lot of work, stress, and trouble…and I love it. As I had promised you, I wanted to share the outcome of my Thanksgiving this year with you as this holiday is obviously about giving thanks, and for me, its also very much about the food.

Also, something worth mentioning: Foodbuzz. I’ve been a member with Foodbuzz for a while now, and they have… click to read more…

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