Sweet potato fries (which are ironically, not fried)

Fries are about as common-place a food as can be and not the sort of thing that you’ll get terribly excited about cooking with dinner. You can have them any time from just about any place on the cheap without any of the hassle of a deep fryer and that whole mess. But hey, sweet potato fries–now that’s another story. Something about sweet potato fries always seemed like a real treat to me. Maybe that was because I grew up in the northeast where you don’t really chance upon much sweet potato anything all too often outside of Thanksgiving.

Well anyways, this side dish is really easy to prepare, and despite being called “fries,” there’s no frying. Although given the size, maybe I should just call them wedges. Whatever the case, this is just a nice and easy way to dress up your veggies. So gather:

  • One sweet potato per person/serving
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Creole seasoning
  • flour

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