Crab Quesadillas with Mango Avocado Salsa

Something about the oppressively hot and humid Florida weather has given me the urge to eat more seafood this summer. Maybe because its lighter fare? Maybe so I can pretend I’m on vacation somewhere tropical? Whatever the case, I had a craving for something pseudo-Mexican in flavors, so somehow, that resulted in quesadillas filled with king crab, a mango and avocado salsa, and some cheddar and monterey jack cheese.

This would have been a really quick meal to prepare if not for the one laborious, slow, somewhat aggravating process of harvesting every last bit of meat from the crab. If you can get help for this step, go for it–make those sharing dinner with you earn their keep! Its not like this step will take you hours, but for how quick the rest of the dinner goes, a little speed boost on this step (or a beer) will make you feel better. Everything else is very quick work: boiling… click to read more…


Poached Mahi Mahi with Papaya Mango Salsa

Today’s dinner is subtle, spicy, and sweet: a delicately prepared filet of Mahi Mahi, poached in a light, spiced wine, topped off with the tropical flavors of a mango and papaya based sauce.

Poached Mahi Mahi with Papaya Mango Salsa

The holidays have come and gone and now we’re on to that Tuesday/Wednesday part of the year. With the holidays, vacation has also passed.

Despite living in Florida, my wife and I relaxed a little further south in Key West (still Florida) with my family. We had a good time and ate a lot of good food. Fish and the sea were a large part of the entire trip, whether it be the SCUBA, the restaurants, or the sport fishing. Everything had its ups and downs–for instance, much to my surprise, sea sickness is quite common among SCUBA divers, or at least, the ones on the boat with me that day. They don’t teach you what to do when your dive partner chums the waters more… click to read more…


Poached Mahi Mahi in Vanilla Cream Sauce

Fish…and vanilla?

Poached Mahi Mahi in Vanilla Cream Sauce

This dish was inspired by Lydia over at The Perfect Pantry. A while back, she had posted a recipe for Sea Bass with Vanilla Cream Sauce that just intrigued me as I had never seen vanilla used for anything outside of dessert and baked goods, let alone with meat/fish. I mean, there’s fish…and vanilla. Huh?

There’s really no reason vanilla can’t be used for other things (e.g. a la chocolate and chicken), but its funny how you just sort of typecast things. Kind of like how my colander is only for pasta–it was embarrassingly shocking for me when I realized I could also use it for boiling potatoes (…or anything other than pasta). Vanilla with fish seemed like another such “aha!” kind of moment…just… click to read more…


Macadamia-encrusted Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-Mahi, macadamia nuts, and pineapple–this is a dish that just screams Hawaii. Even if you’re not a big fish person (like me), this dish should be pretty inviting to you because who could turn down those Polynesian flavors? (The correct answer, for those keeping score at home, is nobody 😉 ) You take a delicate, flaky fish like Mahi-Mahi, bread it using the distinct, rich flavor of macadamia nuts, and top it off with a creamy, tropical-flavored sauce. This will either have you feeling like you’re somewhere tropical or leave you nostalgic/jealous, wishing that you actually were somewhere tropical…

Catching a Mahi mahiMe, fishing rod in hand
So let’s get started:

  • Roughly 1 lb of Mahi-Mahi
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Butter
  • Breading:
    • 3/4 cup of bread crumbs (Panko breadcrumbs [these are Japanese style] are ideal, but not necessary)
    • 1/2 cup macadamia nuts
    • 1 tsp ginger powder
    • black pepper
    • salt
  • Sauce:
    • 1/2 cup of white wine
    • 1/2 cup of chicken stock
    • 1/2 cup of

click to read more…

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