Mojo Chicken Burritos

Who doesn’t love a good burrito?

Mojo Chicken Burrito

Like burgers, I think burritos get a bad rap (no pun intended). For this dish, I wanted to have something that was still hearty and scratched that Mexican-flavor itch, but I also wanted it to be fresh and flavorful, not greasy and drowning in muddled flavors hidden under some ground beef slurry.

The end result was very fresh and flavorful: I rubbed a chicken down with some pretty strong, savory spices (think cinnamony, limey adobo) and roasted it. This was then chopped and pulled into tender chunks of juicy meat. By itself, this was tasty, but a burrito just cries out for salsa, or at least some kind of sauce. Since beef wasn’t in the cards today, I thought a mojo sauce would be better for chicken than a tomato-ey salsa (mojo is typically a largely citrus-based sauce, if you’ve never had it. Sweet, acidic, and very… click to read more…


Acorn Squash Stuffed with Beef

Along with the pumpkins, October rings in a great variety of squash. Acorn squash is a fun one to work with, providing you with a rich, orange-colored, naturally sweet bowl that is ideal for stuffing with something savory. You’ll find a really wide range of interesting fillings out there–apples, nuts, rice, meats–all sorts of things. No matter what the filling though, they all have one thing in common: they showcase the tender texture and the sweetness of the squash.

Acorn squash stuffed with beef

In this case, I’ve stuffed my squash with a ground beef mixture which has Mexican flavors akin to a milder mole sauce that is tilted less towards spicy and more towards sweet and savory so as to enhance the sweetness of the squash. There’s a lot of savory spices and a small amount of heat, but a lot of the major players in this mixture work towards having a fuller profile of sweetness:… click to read more…

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Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie is a great dish with a weird name. I almost hate calling it by that name because it doesn’t sound appetizing and the name is so uninformative–its not a pie and has absolutely nothing tamale-like about it. Its sort of a tex-mex flavored casserole held together with ground beef, cornbread, and a salsa-like mixture. Its crumbly like cornbread, moist, and zesty. And for something tex-mex, its very comfort-foodish.

Serving of tamale pie w/avocado and sour cream

I was inspired by the version of tamale pie from Simply Recipes and was surprised to learn that this is actually a commonplace dish. Prepare yourself for some really heavy news: I never encountered tamale pie growing up.

For me, this dish is nice because you can easily make it from a lot of fresh ingredients or substitute in some pre-made components with ease. I try to strike a middle ground, keeping it full of… click to read more…

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Chicken Mole Poblano

Mole is a Spanish/Mexican sauce (pronounced MOH-leh) and what a sauce it is! It has a tawny red color with a really complex taste. Its hard to pick apart the flavors–kind of spicy, kind of savory, kind of toasty, and just…dark. The flavor is just really interesting, and perhaps most interesting of all (if you’ve never heard of it before) is that one of the key ingredients to this sauce is dark, bittersweet chocolate.

Chicken mole poblano with saffron rice

Yup, chocolate in a savory sauce…for meat. I know! What amazes me with this sauce is how well every single component meshed together as many of these ingredients don’t seem like traditional matches made in heaven (e.g. when’s the last time you had chocolate and garlic? yum?). This sauce is balanced and will not leave you picking out any one flavor after the fact. I encourage you to taste lots of your ingredients as you progress through this recipe to just try to taste… click to read more…

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