Herbed Rack of Lamb with Port Fig Sauce

Lamb is a wonderful meat that lends itself to many beautiful dishes, but a common theme across all of them is to keep it simple so that the delicious, gamey flavor of lamb can shine through. With the spring season comes the new lamb season, and so I have prepared a number of lamb dishes. Today’s dinner: an herbed rack of lamb with a sauce composed of a port reduction and dried figs.

Herbed Rack of Lamb with Port Fig Sauce

This was simply delicious. The ideal way to eat lamb is medium rare so that it is juicy, tender, and just bursting with a distinct flavor. One of my favorite preparations of rack of lamb is herb encrusted, but one thing that never quite sat right with me was the bread-crumby texture of the herb crust–it always bothered me, because when you go to eat it or cut the rack, so much of it crumbles off and is lost! So I tried to apply some of… click to read more…


Caneton a`l’Orange (Roast Duck with Orange Sauce)

Poultry is always a crowd pleaser, but let’s face it, some times, chicken can get a little old. Every now and then, it pays to indulge in a more delectable bird, in this case duck. Duck has an amazing flavor and depending on where you live in the world, many mouth watering preparations might come to mind. I decided to go with a traditional French approach: roast duck with orange sauce.

Caneton a`l’Orange

This recipe comes from the great Julia Child: Mastering The Art of French Cooking, Volume One (which if you don’t already own, you really should). If you can get your hands on a fresh duckling, go for it, but if you can’t, you might have better luck finding a frozen duck at the grocery store (on my to do list: befriend a hunter! 😉 ). Either way, duck is simply a delicious bird, composed entirely… click to read more…


Strawberry Seduction: The Round-up!

As I’d recently announced, down here in Florida, strawberries have invaded the fruit scene–taking over the produce aisles, farm stands, and anywhere that fruit is sold with incredibly fresh, delicious, local strawberries available at a steal of a price. Those supple, round, blushing berries caught my eye day after day, and I found myself drawn to their sweet siren’s song. 3 lbs for $5? Don’t mind if I do. Oh, still on sale? Sure, I’ll take another. Oh why hello, still there? Sure thing. Ah, but what if the mangoes find out? And so on and so forth. Good thing these things are healthy for you or I’d be in big trouble. Strawberries and I have been having a secret rendezvous on a weekly basis, and here we are in April, and I’ve lost count of the sheer number of strawberries I have been lusting over. But let me tell you, I have… click to read more…


My Mom’s entries for Strawberry Seduction: Strawberry Cheesecake and Pancakes w/Strawberry Compote

My mother has been a loyal reader of my blog since the beginning. Aside from enjoying seeing what I write about here and making sure that I’m eating well 😛 , I think one of her favorite parts of this blog are the many comments you leave for me, my loyal readers. She was interested in Strawberry Seduction when I first posted it, and so she has happily joined the fray with some entries of her own (along with a good number of you–the round-up of all of the entries should be my next post!)!

Without a blog of her own, I am hosting her entries here, so please say hello, readers! :-) So enough of my interruptions, here is her post:

Strawberry Supreme Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

  • Crust:
    • 1.75-2 cups graham cracker crumbs
    • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 6 Tbsp butter

click to read more…


A very loose interpretation of a Strawberry Swiss Roll

This is the last of my marathon of strawberry desserts (more are coming, just not at marathon pace 😮 ). Today: a Strawberry and Creme Mousseline filled Swiss Roll:

Slice of a not-so-rolled Strawberry Swiss Roll

Now if you know anything about Swiss Rolls, you know that the above photo bears very little resemblance to any other Swiss Roll out there. I had grand visions for this, really: a rich, buttery pastry cream (the Creme Mousseline), sliced strawberries, all drizzled with some strawberry coulis, wrapped artfully in a light as air sponge cake. I mean honestly, that sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Every step of making this dessert went wonderfully and each component tasted amazing, but at the very last step–the most important step–eh, not so successful.

The last step, you see, is where you roll this up into a beautifully presented cake, the roll in Swiss Roll. Basically, you have a large, rectangular sheet of cake with the filling spread out on it, and… click to read more…


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This has quite simply become my favorite pie. Strawberries unto themselves are amazing little fruits, but there are a number of pairings that, through some sort of magic, take the flavor to new heights, whether it be balsamic vinegar, chocolate and hazelnuts, or a rich cream, and the bizarre looking rhubarb is no different. So today, a classic that’s new to me: strawberry rhubarb pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This crunchy, red stalk might have a similar color, but the flavor is not at all like strawberry–tart, not quite citric, bitter, but somehow, refreshing and pleasant. Combined with the incredible sweetness of strawberries, you have a perfect balance of sweet and tart, the end result being nothing short of bliss. I spiced the mixture just a pinch more to add a little more complexity (another great strawberry counterpoint: ginger!), and… click to read more…

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