All Butter Pie Crust

Dessert and baking used to be a big omission from my cooking repetoire. Now, I’m all about pie.

Keep your fork, there’s pie!

But a good foundation is key, so behind every good pie is a good pie crust.

I started in working from scratch, but I used a recipe that was all shortening based. I’d never used shortening before. It was weird, gelatanous, and looked remarkably healthy (yes, we’re talking about pies, but even by pie standards)! I was thrilled to have made a crust from scratch, but it seemed to be missing something. I eventually dabbled in the world of making a butter-based crust, and the outcome is noticably different. How you ask? Texture. Big time. You want your pie to stand up to you and you want it to flake and crumble when you cut into it. The shortening-based crust wants to fit in this role, it really does. But in reality, its just kind of smushy and withdrawn. Plus,… click to read more…

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