Macadamia Coconut Chocolate Fudge Brownie

This recipe was a bit of an experiment gone awry. With that, I’m sure you’ll still trust me when I say that it was nonetheless rich and delicious (I’d definitely make it again).

Square of macadamia fudge

I had set out to make something of a tart/pie with a custardy, pecan pie like filling (but with coconut and chocolate) with a toasty, glazed macadamia nut topping. I encountered many recipes that basically were identical to pecan pie, but substituted in macadamia nuts for pecans. Seeing how I had just made a pecan pie, this didn’t seem terribly appealing. So I thought I could conjure up something different…and I did. :-)

It just wasn’t suited for a pie. The flavors were just fine (better than fine!), but the filling was too heavy and rich to be paired with a light and flaky crust, so while the prep photos show… click to read more…

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Pecan Pie

I always loved pecan pie growing up, and being next-door to Georgia is all the more reason for making this classic southern dessert.

Slice of pecan pie

But there’s something peculiar about pecan pie–what on earth is it made of? The toasted, crunchy pecan topping is obvious, but what is that filling? Its soft, custardy, delicious, but its just a weird thing to identify compared to say, an apple pie where the filling isn’t exactly a big secret. Believe it or not, as far as pies go, this one is probably one of the quickest and easiest to make and the filling is actually very simple: eggs, brown sugar, and corn syrup. And it is also my entry in September’s In the Bag, hosted this month by Real Epicurean. The theme this month is to make a dish using seasonal… click to read more…


Plum Almond Tart

I regularly read Smitten Kitchen and somewhat recently saw a post about Plum-Almond Tarts and couldn’t resist trying to bake one for myself. They looked great, plums are in season, I like plums and almonds, so why not?

Plum Almond Tart

I wasn’t at my best in the kitchen that day–I substituted my own crust recipe assuming it would work out about the same, but in the end, simply had too much crust. And then, not sure why, but the pie filling just refused to set, so in trying to wait it out, ultimately, my too-much-crust kind of burnt. And it seems that for some reason, I had it my head that I needed to peel the plums. However, in the end, despite all of the mistakes, the flavors were fantastic and despite my experience, I would highly recommend baking this. The dessert was light and tart (tart?… click to read more…

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Apple Pie with Walnut Streusel

I wish I could think of a wittier intro than “a blog post as American as apple pie,” but hey, there you have it.

Slice of warm apple pie

This is the first pie recipe I ever made and is what got me on my one-pie-a-week kick (not sure how I’m not 500 lbs yet). I’ll let my mom and my younger brother decide who gets the credit for this recipe, but since my mom is a regular reader here, the credit is tilting in her favor. 😉 The recipe has changed a little bit from how I first encountered it, but this is a favorite of mine and its about that time of year when this is an appropriate dessert to be making. The crust is light and flaky, the filling is sweet and spiced (not tart), and the topping is nutty and crunchy. In short, this is not your mother’s apple pie (since it’s my mom’s *rimshot* This is the corny… click to read more…


Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

I’ve always had a thing for sweet potatoes–the vegetable that doesn’t seem like a vegetable. I also hold pecan pie in high regard (and it always seemed like a rather curious dish–I mean really, what on earth is that filling made of? It just doesn’t seem to resemble anything!). Well, combined, you have a rich and delicious New Orleans style treat (and a remarkably lame transition into this posting): sweet potato pecan pie.

If you’ve never had a sweet potato pecan pie before, I know it sounds weird, but think it over for a moment–doesn’t it just sound awesome? I think that the best way to describe the flavor is as if you made a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie and ate a bite of each at the same time. The flavors mesh really well together–you have those savory spices you’d typically find in a pumpkin pie (e.g. cinammon, nutmeg) combined with that crunchy pecan topping and that mysterious… click to read more…


All Butter Pie Crust

Dessert and baking used to be a big omission from my cooking repetoire. Now, I’m all about pie.

Keep your fork, there’s pie!

But a good foundation is key, so behind every good pie is a good pie crust.

I started in working from scratch, but I used a recipe that was all shortening based. I’d never used shortening before. It was weird, gelatanous, and looked remarkably healthy (yes, we’re talking about pies, but even by pie standards)! I was thrilled to have made a crust from scratch, but it seemed to be missing something. I eventually dabbled in the world of making a butter-based crust, and the outcome is noticably different. How you ask? Texture. Big time. You want your pie to stand up to you and you want it to flake and crumble when you cut into it. The shortening-based crust wants to fit in this role, it really does. But in reality, its just kind of smushy and withdrawn. Plus,… click to read more…

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