Cream Cheese Swirled Pumpkin Bread

I’m not a big breakfast person, and probably in keeping with my sweet tooth, more often than not, you’ll catch me reaching for a pastry over an omelette. This was my nod at being seasonal and keeping my weekday breakfast interesting: a loaf of pumpkin bread with cream cheese swirled in the middle.

This was a delicious bread, kind of like a banana bread (which I’m sure we’ve all had before), but well, pumpkinny instead of banana-y, and richer in color. I included some of the usual suspects as far as pumpkin-friendly spices and a mix of nuts (walnuts, pecans) and chocolate chips. I’ve had images of deliciously frosted pumpkin cupcakes in my head for a while, so I also thought a swirl of cream cheese throughout the loaf would go nicely while still making a decent claim at this being breakfast friendly and not all out… click to read more…


Chocolate Heart Attack Cake for my blog’s birthday!

A milestone has been reached–this blog has officially hit the one year mark! Blogiversary? Birthday? Whatever you want to call it, I’m thankful for all of you, my readers, as I never would have thought this site would be what it is today and I couldn’t have done it without you (seriously, if you go back and look at some of the early stuff…lol, yikes). And this includes the quiet readers out there (chime in! You practically have to wish me a happy whatever this occasion is called in the comments 😉 ). So I just wanted to say thanks–this would be no fun (well, a lot less fun, I guess) if I were just talking to myself. So how to celebrate? With cake, of course. Very very very very very chocolatey, rich, mouth-watering cake.

Truth be told, I also made this because my wife had been asking for a chocolate dessert (and cake). I chanced upon click to read more…


Chocolate Cherry Clafouti

I love cherries, and what can I say? I just love pairing them with chocolate. So today, I thought I’d bring you a more traditional cherry dessert that even the most timid bake-o-phobe could handle: a Chocolate Cherry Clafouti.

The clafouti (a.k.a. clafoutis) is a French dessert, that essentially, is like a pancake with a little more emphasis on the “cake” part of “pancake.” Its simple, light, fluffy, and meant to be whipped up quickly and eaten up just as fast. Traditionally, this treat is loaded with fruit, most often cherries, so in keeping with tradition, I’ve done just that. But since I couldn’t help myself, I chose to push this dessert a little bit in the chocolate direction, giving the cake batter itself some darker, chocolatey flavors.

One point of contention out there is how to present the cherries in the clafouti. Many prefer that the cherries be unpitted… click to read more…


Very Strawberry Cupcakes!

As if cupcakes on their own aren’t spectacular, these cupcakes in particular were really something. I had aimed to work strawberry flavors into every element of this cupcake, as if the title of this post didn’t already convey that. Strawberry cupcake? Check. Strawberry cream-cheese frosting? Check. Strawberry Rhubarb jam filling? Check. Awesome? Yes.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Filled Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting and some indecisively placed strawberry garnish. I hate strawberries ;-)

With all of this strawberry action at once, you might be surprised, but the result wasn’t just getting hit in the face with strawberry. It actually worked quite harmoniously and each component kind of showcased a different side of strawberry: the cake was subtle, sweet, and floral, whereas the frosting was rich, creamy, and really a much more vibrant punch of strawberry. This is all in contrast to the strawberry rhubarb jam piped inside the cupcake. Oh, and funny thing, the only reason I thought of these cupcakes? I was shocked by how much jam I had made… click to read more…


My Mom’s entries for Strawberry Seduction: Strawberry Cheesecake and Pancakes w/Strawberry Compote

My mother has been a loyal reader of my blog since the beginning. Aside from enjoying seeing what I write about here and making sure that I’m eating well 😛 , I think one of her favorite parts of this blog are the many comments you leave for me, my loyal readers. She was interested in Strawberry Seduction when I first posted it, and so she has happily joined the fray with some entries of her own (along with a good number of you–the round-up of all of the entries should be my next post!)!

Without a blog of her own, I am hosting her entries here, so please say hello, readers! :-) So enough of my interruptions, here is her post:

Strawberry Supreme Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

  • Crust:
    • 1.75-2 cups graham cracker crumbs
    • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
    • 6 Tbsp butter

click to read more…


A very loose interpretation of a Strawberry Swiss Roll

This is the last of my marathon of strawberry desserts (more are coming, just not at marathon pace 😮 ). Today: a Strawberry and Creme Mousseline filled Swiss Roll:

Slice of a not-so-rolled Strawberry Swiss Roll

Now if you know anything about Swiss Rolls, you know that the above photo bears very little resemblance to any other Swiss Roll out there. I had grand visions for this, really: a rich, buttery pastry cream (the Creme Mousseline), sliced strawberries, all drizzled with some strawberry coulis, wrapped artfully in a light as air sponge cake. I mean honestly, that sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it? Every step of making this dessert went wonderfully and each component tasted amazing, but at the very last step–the most important step–eh, not so successful.

The last step, you see, is where you roll this up into a beautifully presented cake, the roll in Swiss Roll. Basically, you have a large, rectangular sheet of cake with the filling spread out on it, and… click to read more…

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