The Best Banana Bread Ever

Unfortunately, year-round pumpkin bread isn’t a possibility for most of us. Very fortunately though, there are some other awesome quickbreads that work beautifully as either breakfast or dessert. One of my all-time favorites: banana bread.

Just about everybody out there has had banana bread before–its a favorite for so many people for good reason. One of the problems with such popularity though is that there’s also many a banana bread recipe out there that kind of give banana bread a bad name. You know the kind–those fruit breads where, that, no matter what the fruit is, all taste exactly the same? All you taste is semi-moist bread and a bunch of spice, usually stale nutmeg? Kind of a downer. Apples don’t taste like bananas–why should they in bread?

This banana bread is nothing of the sort. I derived my recipe from this one and… click to read more…


The Baby is here! Introducing Ramya Mulligan

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past here (and far more numerous times on Twitter), my two person family was soon to grow by one more as my wife was pregnant.

Ramya Sleeping

After all of the stress, impatience, worrying, preparing, and so on, finally, the day has come. Precisely on my wife’s originally predicted due date of March 30th (and almost precisely at the time of the final OB appointment), Ramya was born and ushered into the world eyes wide open.

Her tiny hands

She was a healthy 7 lbs 7 oz, 21 inches long, and so far, something of a night owl.


She’s a beauty (convenient since her name means “beautiful”) and we feel blessed to have her in our lives as happy and healthy as she is. I was also finally forced to take photos of something… click to read more…


Sweet Potato Beef & Peanut Soup

I was intrigued when I first read of an African Sweet Potato Peanut Soup. Firstly, I know close to nothing of African cuisine, secondly, I love peanuts, and thirdly, I hardly ever use peanuts outside of breakfast/dessert applications (usually as peanut butter, yum!), so really, there was a lot to this that caught my eye. Of course, tinkering with the soup a bit here and there, I’m not sure if its quite the same African peanut soup any more, but its definitely a keeper.

Sweet Potato Beef & Peanut Soup

Somewhat to my surprise, this soup reminded me of red Thai curries I’ve had before. The sweet potato base of the soup gave a great heartiness while the mix of ginger, peppers, peanut, and coconut added that creamy/tangy/spicy blend of flavors that so strongly evoked thoughts of Thai for me. Was it precisely what I intended? No. Was I disappointed? Definitely not. I would describe… click to read more…

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