Fudgy Brownies

A good while back, I made a different kind of brownie that was light, fluffy, and strongly flavored with honey. These brownies fall on the opposite end of the spectrum, restoring balance to my ultimate zen state of brownie satiation. These brownies are dark, dense, and incredibly chocolatey. The kind that requires you to approach them armed with a tall glass of milk and a willingness to fend off any passers-by who think they can share in the bounty. These are brownies well worth being selfish about…unless you’re looking to bribe someone, I suppose–then these would be a great thing to share.

Fudgy Brownies

This is more than comfort food. Its too rich and indulgent to be called comfort food. You have the crisp, buttery, crinkly edges that seem to contradict the dense, fudgy, moist interior. And this is a situation where if you have a cache of chocolate, splurge and use the best you’ve got, because this is a recipe where it will really shine. There’s no nuts, swirls, frostings, or other elements to distract your taste buds: these brownies are 100% focused on the chocolate.

  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter
  • 9 oz bittersweet chocolate
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup flour

Just barely melt the butter and chocolate

In a double boiler, melt the chocolate and the butter (cut into 16 pieces), only just to the point where everything is melted. If you go too long, the butter will separate and this is not what you want. Once melted, remove from heat.

Stir in the eggs one at a time, watching as the batter thickens

Whisk the sugar into the chocolate. Things will look grainy, but that’s fine. Add the eggs, one at a time, whisking between each addition. Add the vanilla and whisk some more. Things should be a bit thicker by now and you might be sick of whisking. Add in the salt and flour, mixing only as much as is necessary to incorporate into the chocolate mix. The batter should be incredibly thick.

Spread the batter in a greased baking pan

Now, line a pan with tin foil and butter the foil generously. Spread the batter in the pan and smooth it out as it won’t do a good job of settling and smoothing itself out. Bake this for 20-22 minutes (or until a tester comes out clean) in a 325°F oven.

Fresh out of the oven, the brownies have a beautiful crispy crust

Once time is up, remove from the oven, and let cool for a few minutes before you remove the tinfoil-harnessed brownies out of the pan. Cut into roughly ~32 rectangles (or whatever size suits your fancy).

Fudgy Brownies

Finally, stack them up and go at it. Should you have leftovers, these will keep well at room temperature if fairly tightly wrapped for roughly 3 days. You can use the fridge to keep them longer after that, but I’d be surprised if you have that problem. 😉 Enjoy!

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20 Responses to “Fudgy Brownies”

  1. Parita Says:

    Wow Mike, the brownies are looking so chocolaty and delicious yummmmm

  2. Bellini Valli Says:

    I love the crackly tops Mike. I can just imagine the chewy, fudgy, dense, chocolatey goodness:D

  3. pam Says:

    Now, that is my kind of brownie! I love em dark and dense.

  4. Bunny Says:

    You don’t need whistles and bows with a brownie like that, it’s, that’s when you know it’s good!!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Oh my, certainly a good choice if you wish to bribe someone :) Great post!

  6. Heather Says:

    mmm. those sound amazing! i love the maple syrup in there!

  7. Paula Says:

    Yum those brownie sound terrific! Love the touch of maple syrup:)

  8. Brittany (He Cooks She Cooks) Says:

    THESE are my kind of brownies!

  9. Dragon Says:

    There is nothing wrong with to rich and indulgent. :)

  10. the caked crusader Says:

    Fantastic. I wouild like one slightly warmed please with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’m sure fedex could send it over to me!

  11. mikky Says:

    trust you to say this is more than a comfort food… this is definitely for me… :)

  12. Joan Nova Says:

    Hope you saw that I highlighted one of your posts as ‘the best’!

  13. Lynn Says:

    These would cure a serious brownie craving. Rich and fudgy – mmmm.

  14. Peter Says:

    Mike, you could have called then (*&^&* Brownie and they still would have been devoured. I don’t think there’ a bad brownie…other than the one refused!

  15. Mark Garso Says:

    These are the kind of brownies my wife would love – and that’d I’d suprise her with!

    Mark Garso 3563

  16. bill Says:

    what size pan

  17. Aparna Says:

    Coming by after a long break and this picture made my day! Chocolate and some brownies, what more do I need?

  18. elizabeth Says:

    very nice! i didn’t realize making brownies was so easy.

  19. Emily Says:

    So … should I put the maple syrup in at the same time as the vanilla?

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