You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Frozen Desserts: The Roundup!

A month ago, I called on the creative food bloggers out there to tempt us all with some delicious frozen desserts to get us through the summer with a food blog event: You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Frozen Desserts! Being a big fan of ice cream, I was hoping to see what other fun things you all could come up with, and I was blown away with the results.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of the participants! There’s definitely something here for every palette and it should have you all screaming for ice cream (and many other frozen desserts). Bookmark this page or pass it on to your friends who could be swayed to try making some frozen desserts of their own rather than picking up something from the store! Desserts of all sorts were well represented: ice creams, frozen yogurts, sorbets, ices, granitas, sherbets, kulfis, glaces, semifreddos, popsicles, parfaits, cakes–really, I could go on and on. Chocolatey, fruity, herby, spicy, boozy, and all sorts of great flavor ideas that ought to keep a lot of us busy trying out new things. So without further ado, onto the roundup…

Dana (MD, USA) of Vanilla Basil brought several desserts to the party.

The first (and how appropriate for this blog) was a Strawberry Ice Cream. This ice cream features strawberries and a creme de menthe custard base for what sounds like a really refreshing treat.

Next, she prepared an ice cream that was a delicious way to use the decaf coffee beans she didn’t mean to buy: Cafe Amaretto Chip Ice Cream. As a sucker for any iced coffee kind of treat during the summer, this looks great to me…and being low on the caffeine, I’d have no reservations eating this in the wee hours.

For her last entry, she made Cantaloupe Duets: a pairing of Cantaloupe Sorbet as well as a Matcha Melon Granita. Faced with rapidly ripening melons (they do go fast), she made two different flavors of cataloupe sorbet that look beautiful and sound delicious.

Ulrike (Northern Germany) of Kùchenlatein prepared a Dried Apricot-Pistachio Ice Cream. The sweet, dried apricots are reconstituted in a white wine and transformed into a delicious looking apricot ice cream with pistachios mixed in.

Marianna (Paris, France) of Swirl & Scramble prepared a Fig & Rosewater ice-cream with crushed Pistachio & Dark Chocolate. While I love many a fruit, if I had to pick just one fruit to eat forever more, it would be the fig, So imagine my delight when I saw this beautiful ice cream–the honeyed flavors of fresh figs, the floral aromas from the rosewater, and hey, pistachio and chocolate just go with anything. This one looks decadent.
OhioMom (Cleveland, OH, USA) of Cooking In Cleveland prepared a Strawberry-Cheesecake Ice Cream. This ice cream has a vanilla custard base, and is further enriched with honeyed goat cheese (I’ve always wanted to try this!) and balsamic marinated strawberries. This ice cream earned its name given the similaries in taste with cheesecake, and it sounds like a really rich and tasty way to end a meal.
JZ (MN, USA) of Tasty treats prepared a Cheesecake ice cream. Originally meant to be a mango ice cream, she forgot the mangoes but did a great job of improvising with what she had at home: jello pudding mix! Check out this tasty spin on cheesecake flavored ice cream.

Lauren (USA) of On s’amuse encore prepared two light treats. First, a Grand Marnier Orange Ice, a decorative and refreshing blend of fresh orange juice and Grand Marnier with a garnish of pine nuts that look very much like orange seeds.

She also prepared some Lemonade popsicle bonbons, another refreshing iced treat, but this time based on Meyer lemon juice. These were molded into various shapes and a number of them were bright red as they were enhanced with a bit of strawberry puree. Fresh, refreshing, and a great sight.

Helen (Charleston, SC, USA) of Tartelette prepared a Goat Cheese Ice Cream And Fresh Cherries. Like I’d mentioned before, a goat cheese based ice cream has been something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now, and this particular rendition is served with fresh cherries for a great contrast of tangy and sweet for what looks like a fantastic dessert.
Susan (FL, USA) of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy prepared a Roasted Peach Ice Cream. As a fellow Floridian, I can sympathize with her joy at the arrival of fresh Georgia peaches. This ice cream starts by roasting the peaches until tender and beautifully caramellized, and then this is worked into a delightful looking ice cream that sounds oh so good and oh so summery.
Jyothsna (Sharjah, UAE) of Currybazaar prepared a Kesar Malai Kulfi. For the uninitiated, a kulfi is an Indian ice cream that is denser than other kinds of ice cream. This particular version uses condensed milk, cardamom, saffron, and almonds which sounds and looks absolutely delicious (coming from a big fan of kulfi).
Brilynn (Toronto, Canada) of Jumbo Empanadas prepared a Caramelized Mango Ice Cream. This ice cream begins with slices of fresh mango, caramelized in a pan, and then pureed with lime and molasses, among other things. This is then worked into a creamy custard and finished off with a bit of dark rum for what sounds to be both a light and dark tasting, mouth-watering ice cream.

Aran (FL, USA) of Cannelle Et Vanille prepared two treats. First, a Pistachio, cashew and cherry nougat glace with warm chocolate sauce. This is a sexy one: it starts with nuts cooked in caramel, which then goes into a meringue/whipped cream mousse for an airy ice cream which was molded into various shapes. This was paired with a warm chocolate sauce for a contrast in flavor and temperature, as well as the drama on the plate as the sauce starts to dissolve the parfait.

Second, she prepared Roasted Plums with Tarragon Ice Cream. This arrangement of flavors really intrigued me and it sounds like it ought to be spectacular (especially while there are some nice looking plums on the shelves at the moment!). The ice cream itself is tarragon flavored, which gives a wonderful anise-y, licorice-y kind of flavor. This was served with some plums which were roasted with other flavors such as vanilla, peppercorns, and star anise.

Ivy (Athens, Greece) of Kopiaste…. to Greek Hospitality prepared a Hand made Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. I was intrigued by the different approach she took to making the ice cream (it begins with pastry cream, which in my opinion, like butter, makes everything it touches better!) and I can only imagine how rich it tasted. This was then ultimately sandwiched between biscuits for a delicious trip down memory lane.
Lien (Netherlands) of Notitie van Lien prepared a very rich Coconut ice cream, only meant for those not on a diet or those with ample will power as this ice cream has double cream, crème frâiche, coconut cream, and a splash of coconut rum. Yum!
Lisa (Sydney Australia) of Spicy Ice Cream prepared a chocolate, fig and hazelnut semifreddo instead of a cake to celebrate her birthday this year. Like I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love figs, and combined with that magical pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts, this looks like a really rich way to end a meal (or a great way to celebrate a birthday!).
Elizabeth Griffiths (Baltimore, MD, USA) of Strawberries in Paris prepared a Raspberry Couer a la Creme. This begins with a silky smooth cream cheese based ice cream which was then molded decoratively and topped off with a very tasty raspberry sauce for a great contrast of sweet and tart as well as color.
Tenina Holder (Perth, Western Australia) of Steamovencooking with Tenina prepared a Chocolate I Scream. This ice cream is rich, dense, and chocolatey–just the way chocolate ice cream should be! Yum!

Joanne (Milan, Italy) of Frutto della Passione prepared two kinds of popsicles. First, Creamy, fruity popsicles. With cream, apricot, and cherry, these sound like a healthy, refreshing treat.

Next, to keep fighting the ever oppresive hot weather in Milan, Raspberry Orange Yogurt Pops. The goal was something a bit more tart as the overly sweet variety of popsicles can leave you thirstier in the heat (amen!).

Nicisme (Kent, UK) of Cherrapeno prepared a Coffee Granita. This is simple to prepare, very refreshing, and a great grown-up treat after dinner in place of the usual coffee for you night-time coffee drinkers out there. Top it off with a bit of chocolate, whipped cream, liqueur, or just have it as it is.
Chawanmushi (Singapore) of Cookbake Legacy prepared a Homemade Yam Ice Cream. The name of this ice cream intrigued me and the soft, purple color caught my eye even more (since I’m only accustomed to orange fleshed yams)–it just seems to warm and inviting. Added benefit: this particular recipe is also low in sugar.
Smita (Rochester, NY, USA) of Smita Serves You Right prepared a Passionfruit Sherry Sorbet. This was wonderfully easy to prepare (it even avoided using the stove!) and made for a delicious balance of tart and sweet. And if you’ve never had passionfruit before, jump at the opportunity if you see them at the store and give this a try.
Nicole Whalen (San Jose, CA, USA) of Bay Area Foodie prepared a Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter Ice Cream. This began with Barefoot Contessa’s brownies, which contained chocolate chips, melted chocolate, and chocolate mix for the perfect flaky/gooey combo. These were combined with peanut butter ice cream, and as a lover of all chocolate-peanut-butter things, this sounds like the perfect guilty indulgence.
Happy Cook (W.Flanders, Belgium) of My Kitchen Treasures prepared a Strawberry Ice Cream. This is a great way (and one of my favorite ways) to enjoy the strawberry season and these delicious berries at their peak.
Michelle Kemp-Nordell (Israel) of Baroness Tapuzina prepared both a Roasted Apricot-Almond Ice Cream and a Tehina-Pistachio Ice Cream. She wanted to avoid the more usual flavors, so what came to mind? Apricots, rubbed and roasted with ras el hanout and tehina (sesame paste) sweetened with date honey. Some of these flavors wouldn’t have come into my mind when I thought dessert, but I am glad to have had my eyes opened to these, because both of these ice creams sound spectacular and give me all sorts of new ideas to work with.
Rei (Singapore) of All That Matters prepared a Soy Milk Ice Cream. This was something of a challenge to try to make a healthier, cholesterol-free ice cream, and from the looks of things, this looks like a tremendous success. And I bet you’d never guess the secret ingredient to replace eggs to give it a smooth custardy texture–go check it out and see!
Katie (Aurora, IL, USA) of Salt and Chocolate conquered her first attempt at a custard-based ice cream with a Blackberry Ice Cream. From the looks of things, you’d think she’s been doing this forever–I love that deep purple color. It makes me appreciate how I took the blackberry bushes (they grew like weeds) for granted as a kid because I sure could go for a bowl of this right now (with no blackberries in sight).
Y (Sydney, Australia) of Lemonpi prepared a Lavender granita, yogurt jelly. I’ve been patiently waiting for my lavender plant to flower (I’ve never cooked with the stuff before!), but at this point, I’m thankful to not have killed it (hey, I’ve killed mint before. Mint!). This granita has a beautiful color and I could only imagine what the flavor is like. I’m also a big fan of that colorful presentation with something else I’d never seen before: a tangy quenelle of yogurt jelly on the side.
Amanda (NY, USA) of Mrs. W’s Kitchen tried her hand at making Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker. This was a vanilla ice cream and something I’ve never tried before: doing it by hand! For some reason, I never really thought about how you’d make ice cream without the machine, as if the churning bowl was a magical necessity, but this is a great post to show that even if you don’t have a machine, you can still reap the rewards of a home-made ice cream that just can’t be compared to that stuff from the store.
Zorra (Andalucia, Spain) of 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf prepared a Apricot Yogurt Ice Cream Sherbet. The initial goal was ice cream, but the end result wasn’t quite as creamy as intended–but it made for a fantastic sherbet! Hurry up and try this one out while the apricots are still in season.
Cathy X (Sydney, Australia) of aficionado created a spectacular looking Coffee & Turrón Parfait. This parfait has an iced chestnut sorbet, plated with an almond praline tuile, Pedro Ximènez caramel, and turrón. The plating on this is simply beautiful (and it was even professionally photographed) and this treat just screams elegance.

Heather (Arlington, VA, USA) of Diary of a Fanatic Foodie had ice cream sandwiches in mind and a potentially picky eater, so she whipped up two delicious kinds of ice cream sandwiches. First, Carrot Cake Cookies and Maple Walnut Ice Cream Sandwiches. These sounded like a great flavor combination to me, and also included a crunchy oatmeal streusel layer in between the ice cream and cookies.

The second kind (to address the carrot-in-dessert fearful) is another that also won me over simply with the name: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches. This one included a chocolate wafer streusel layer between the cookies as well. As a peanut butter fanatic, I’m really not sure what more there is to say. These are both definitely leaps and bounds beyond what I imagine when I hear “ice cream sandwiches.”

Laura Vincent (Wellington, New Zealand) of Hungry and Frozen devised a recipe for Cinnamon-Date Ice cream. I love the rich, honeyed sweetness you get from dates, and this treat is described as having a caramelly texture and a warming feeling on account of the cinnamon even though the ice cream is obviously frozen. It sounds like the perfect mix of sweet and spice for any time of year.

Mary (OH, USA) of Shazam in the Kitchen made a very sexy version of the Rocky Road: Marshmallow Walnut Chocolate Ice Cream. This began with a very particular kind of cocoa that could be a dessert unto itself and the end result was a velvety chocolate ice cream with walnuts and marshmallows throughout.

Next, to have something lighter on the cream, she prepared a Margarita Sorbet. The memories behind this one are hilarious and it sounds like a delicious mixed drink but in dessert form. Rim my bowl with salt and I’m good to go.

Mansi Desai (CA, USA) of Fun and Food prepared two tasty treats. First, a twist on the classic French dessert: Peach Melba with Cardamom Ice Cream. This combines two of Mansi’s favorite summer fruits: peaches and raspberries. The peaches are poached, the raspberries turned into a coulis, and this is all served along with a simple and ever so charmingly flavored vanilla cardamom ice cream.

Next, she made a very tasty sounding Mango-Mascarpone Mousse (Mango Kulfi). This dessert was inspired by a kulfi (which, as mentioned earlier, is a dense, Indian ice cream) and is a whipped mixture of mango, mascarpone, and spices to give it flavors very much like a kulfi. Whether you call it a mousse or a kulfi, I call it mine–it looks delicious!

Linda (The Hague, The Netherlands) of make life sweeter! prepared a black forest ice cream cake for a very lucky birthday boy. There’s a lot behind this cake to really make it something special: chocolate cake, cherry ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and some freshly whipped vanilla cream to top it off (with sprinkles, of course)! It looks really beautifully done.
Hetal (Houston, TX, USA) of Isha’s Kitchen whizzed up a Fat-Free Frozen Mango Yogurt. Aside from being seasonal and sounding delicious, this treat is also fat-free and healthy! Mango, a touch of mint, and strawberry jam with the refreshing tang of yogurt.
Cathy (CA, USA) of Noble Pig started the day off right with Buttermilk Citrus Shake. Cathy and I share a similar outlook on breakfast–sweet and dessert like is the way to start the day. With fresh orange, lemon, and buttermilk, you get a drink that has a tangy flavor that will get you going and have you reminiscing about Orange Juliuses (or is it Julii?). Top these off with gingersnaps and have this in place of (or in addition to) your morning cup of joe. I tend to be fickle about drinking OJ (and I live in Florida?) and buttermilk, but this one had my mouth watering.
Kevin (Toronto, Canada) of Closet Cooking made a Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. Continuing to enjoy the strawberry season, Kevin made an ice cream that highlights strawberries, also enriching the custard with cream cheese and crumbles of graham crackers to give a strawberry cheesecake like flavor. Flecked with spots of red, this looks like a very tempting dessert.
Aparna (India) of My Diverse Kitchen prepared a Spiced Peach and Honey Gelato. This has a soft texture and uses custard powder instead of eggs. The spices (e.g. cardamom, star anise, cinnamon) in combination with the fresh peaches yield an interestingly spiced and curiously warm flavored gelato.
Evelin (Estonia) of Bounteous bites cooked up a Roasted banana ice cream with poppy seeds. Bananas, one of the most popular fruits in the world, fell off my radar since I just stopped buying them (they always go bad too quickly!). I saw this ice cream and now I know I simply need bananas! This ice cream roasts and caramelizes ripe bananas with brown sugar and this is worked into a rich, cream cheese based ice cream, which was studded with poppy seeds throughout (which sounds like a great way to top it off!).
Sabra (New York, NY, USA) of Cookbook Catchall modeled her dessert after a treat from a local Japanese restaurant: a Plum wine granita. This is delightfully refreshing and a great for the summer. I’m not sure I’ve personally ever had plum wine before, so that alone piqued my interest, let alone in granita form. Go take a look!
Vera (Vancouver, BC, Canada) of Baking Obsession prepared a Stracciatella Gelato. I’d felt guilty about using the term “stracciatella” on my cherry frozen yogurt awhile back (in reference to the chocolate technique), but this here is the real deal. The gelato itself is a light milk and vanilla flavor, not made heavy by eggs or cream. This alone makes it a nice pick-me-up on a hot day, but to make it even better, by streaming in a thin line of melted chocolate towards the end of churning, this gelato is speckled with tiny shards of chocolate through the custard for something that looks and tastes beautiful.
Katie (US) of The Summertree Café prepared a Banana Pistachio Sorbet. This was a sign for me again–more bananas! This sorbet is simple and fresh–frozen bananas pureed with pistachios and served with dried figs. No added sugar, no dairy, and it looks great.
Dee (Malaysia) of choos and chews prepared a super sinful triple chocolate ice cream. Sinful is definitely the right word here as this is absolutely loaded with chocolate–chocolate custard, ribbons of white chocolate, ribbons of milk chocolate–suddenly, I’m strangely craving chocolate, how about you?
Joelen (Chicago, IL, USA) of Joelen’s Culinary Adventures whipped up a No Cook Coffee Ice Cream. I love the photos of this ice cream–it looks so silky smooth with a light tannish color and the flavor perfect for the coffee lovers out there: (drum roll) coffee! With no eggs required, this is a bit healthier and a bit quicker to make for those who don’t have the patience to add a few more hours to the ice cream making process.
Boaz (San Diego, CA, USA) of Grain Power baked a Brown Bread Ice Cream. I thought that this ice cream sounded incredibly interesting, and seeing the photo only intrigued me more. This Irish ice cream starts with whole wheat bread, caramelized in butter and sugar for color and crunch. This was worked into the ice cream custard and was further lightened by folding in stiffly whipped egg whites for a fluffy, airy texture. I’ve been saying for a long time that I need to get into bread and this seems like the perfect way for me to get started.
Eddie (Hollywood, CA, USA) of The Haphazard Gourmet Girls made a Haphazard Fig Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream Cake. This starts with a crumbled ginger cookie crust base, which holds a vanilla ice cream. The ice cream has strawberries macerated in a fig and balsamic vinegar syrup folded in, and this is all covered with a whipped cream-based frosting as well as strawberries and rose petals. If the sound of this hasn’t already whet your appetite, go check out the photos, too. This is an ice cream cake to be reckoned with!
Rita (Portugal) of Clumbsy Cookie prepared a Jaffa Cakes Ice-cream. Have you ever had a jaffa cake? I haven’t, so in case you haven’t either, they’re a kind of addictive British cookie (“sponge cake-like base covered with orange marmelade and topped with dark chocolate”–sounds good to me!). To recreate this cookie in ice cream form, Rita began with a basic ice cream custard, infused it with orange, and added chunks of dark chocolate and jaffa cakes. After all this, it only makes sense to serve this in a jaffa cake ice cream sandwich! I know the first thing I’ll try when I find these cookies…
Jeff (IN, USA) of Culinary Disaster prepared a Lavender Sorbet. Like I’d mentioned earlier, I’ve never worked with lavender before and I wish my plant would flower already (at least I haven’t killed it…yet) so i could try this out. The sorbet is simple to make and takes on a wonderfully delicate, pinkish/purplish color with a floral flavor/aroma that has me jealous. If you have lavender growing in your yard, you have to try this.
Rachel (Portland, OR, USA) of Comfort Me With Apples prepared the perfect pairing with a slice of blackberry pie: Cinnamon Ice Cream. The custard was incredibly rich (9 egg yolks!) and was infused with vanilla and cinnamon. A plate of this sounds like a sinful dessert.

Em (CA, USA) of The Repressed Pastry Chef made two treats. First, a classic and a favorite: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. The subtle tinge of green, the speckles of small chips by the hundreds in every bite–how could you say no to this ice cream? (you can’t)

Second, for the kids (or the kid at heart), she created a Bubble Gum Ice Cream. I thought this sounded pretty interesting, but I was curious how it would be flavored without becoming, well, you know, gummy. The solution: the custard was flavored with bubble gum flavored snow-cone syrup and the ice cream took on bright, vivid colors, with gum balls for garnish placed throughout. This is a very creative and fun looking flavor that I’m sure I would find addictive.

Holler (Dundee, Scotland) of Tinned Tomatoes created a Mango, Rose Wine & Cinnamon Sorbet. The floral and spicy flavor combination sounds like a great one for one of my favorite fruits, and I love the presentation of the sorbet as if it were half a mango on the plate, swimming in its own syrup. Sounds very refreshing!
Jude (Chicago, IL USA) of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté prepared a Red Wine Granita. The granita has a great, dark, inviting color and is also be a great way to feed a crowd on the cheap by dressing up some Two-Buck Chuck (or whatever red wine you choose) with a few spices (e.g. cinnamon and cloves) and citrus.
Sandie (Kansas City, MO, USA) of Inn Cuisine created a refreshing Frozen Fruit Salad. Fruit salad is one of those terms that can conjure up some diverse images for all of us, and this one is a welcome and exciting change from what I would imagine. This fruit salad is an inviting pink color with an airy texture and whole fruits sprinkled throughout each slice. And there’s a certain secret ingredient to give it a tang that I bet you can’t guess without reading Sandie’s recipe…
Deeba (Gurgaon, India) of Passionate About Baking…& beyond made a Peach Mango Ice-cream. The peaches looked sweeter and more intensely flavored than they proved to be, and while I would get bent out of shape at this point, Deeba had a great solution: mangoes to the rescue! This mix created a flavor combination that I’d never considered (but need to try). This ice cream was also served with an enviable array of sides and toppings: mergine, apricots in syrup, apricot/mint syrup, cream–go check it out!
Lynne Daley (Augusta, GA, USA) of Cafe LynnyLu prepared a Roasted Lemon Sorbet. Many fruits and veggies transform into something phenomenally different when roasted, but I’ve never tried it with lemons before. This alone sounds intriguing, but then, turning that into a vanilla-infused sorbet? Sounds like I have to stock up on lemons! Plus, check out the great presentation on this.
Nikki Miller-Ka (Winston-Salem, NC, USA) of Nik Snacks wanted to introduce a dairy-averse friend who has never had ice cream before to the wonderful world of ice cream, so she made a Cherry Chocolate Soy Ice Dream. With a bit of soy milk, coffee, cherry gelatin, and chocolate, it sounds and looks like Nikki’s friend will also be screaming for ice cream from now on.
Meeta (Weimar, Germany) of What’s For Lunch, Honey? made a more elegant version of strawberry ice-cream: Strawberry Pistachio Parfait. Ice cream served in slices rather than scoops, revealing a delicate pink color, chunks of strawberries, and pistachios galore, this one is a fantastic twist on a winning flavor. I always have a tough time figuring out how to present my ice cream in an exciting and attractive way–I’ll be sure to try this approach out for sure!
The Food Hunter (Phoenix, AZ, USA) of Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine prepared a Frozen Oreo Pie. If you love Oreos, this is without question for you: the pie has a crumbled Oreo-based crust, a vanilla pudding-based mousse filling, and crumbled Oreos abound, all frozen for a bit to set the filling and help cool you off a few degrees. Yum!
Denise (San Francisco, CA, USA) of Chez US whipped up a Peach Ice Cream. After a day of picking fresh peaches and apricots, she chose to hang on to some of the perfectly ripe fruit a little longer in an ice cream, and who could resist such a tasty flavor?
Susan (NY, USA) of The Well-Seasoned Cook prepared a Halvah Ice Cream with Poached Apricots. This looks really intriguing, although I’ve never had halvah before (on the to-try list now!)–this ice cream contains vanilla halvah, orange flower water, dried apricots, and Greek yogurt. It looks beautiful and it just sounds so floral and sweet.
Rebecca (Southern Tier, NY, USA) of Foodie With Family baked a Ze-Bra-Vo Cake (Ice cream stuffed Zebra Cake). Some times, you see a cake, and you just can’t help but be stunned. Go check out a bigger photo of this one because I think the plating is really a sight to be seen. The carefully striped cakes are stuffed with vanilla ice cream, topped with hot fudge sauce, and paired with a raspberry coulis.
Jennifer Moore (Austin, TX, USA) of Jennifer’s Haus made a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from her grandmother’s recipe box. This uses peppermint extract and has that classic, green color with the classically delicious combo of mint and chocolate that demands that you eat this up right away.
Todd & Diane (CA, USA) of White on Rice Couple prepared a Red Beauty Plum & Muscat Gelato. In efforts to expand on their very enviable garden, plums have been on their mind. What to do with the red beauties they got their hands on? Gelato, of course! They created two versions of this gelato as an experiment (this is my kind of science!): one where the plums were poached in the wine and the other with the raw ingredients blended into the custard. Both sound delicious–sweet, blended, and poached, or vibrant and distinctly fruity–whichever style you fancy.
Pam (USA) of Sidewalk Shoes made a Cherry Frozen Yogurt, and I know for a fact that this one is delicious (you’ll have to read her post to find out why). This has a very seductive, deep, dark, ruby red color and a burst of cherry and tangy flavor with studs of chocolate sprinkled throughout. This is definitely worth trying while the cherries are in season–just don’t wear any clothes you’re too fond of while you make it.

Madhuram (PA, USA) of Eggless Cooking made two desserts. First, an Eggless Banana Ice Cream: this ice cream is light on the dairy, and, as the name implies, has no eggs, instead relying on the texture of the pureed, frozen bananas as well as a bit of corn syrup to give the ice cream body and creaminess. Seeing it in the ice cream scoop looks awfully tempting and you’d never know how much healthier an ice cream this is than most from the looks of it!

Next, after a fun day of picking fresh blueberries, she prepared Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie Pops. These popsicles are made up of a blueberry/pear/maple syrup frozen yogurt, which sounds like a heavenly combination to me.

Dhanggit (Aix en Provence, France) of Dhanggit’s Kitchen prepared a Home-made Cone with Vanilla Almond Ice-cream and Caramel syrup. The first step (and this is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time now): make the ice cream cones from scratch! Then, she made a vanilla ice cream with syruppy almonds folded in. That is an enviable ice cream cone if I ever did see one.
Ruhama (Burlington, WI, USA) of rumahama prepared an Oreo Ice Cream Cake. The layers of the cake are ice cream sandwiches, the filling a chocolate pudding mousse, and the cake is frosted with Cool Whip. Looks like a crowd pleaser after a hot day.
Anali (Quincy, MA, USA) of Anali’s First Amendment prepared a Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream. The first thing that struck me was how white this ice cream was–even my whiter ice creams have a yellowish tinge to them (due to the egg), but this color just screamed more coconuttiness to me. This ice cream used soy milk and coconut milk, and some might have even jumped out of a plane for a bowl of this.
Barbara (CT, USA — my mom!) made a Deadly Dark Chocolate Kahlua Brownie Chunk Ice Cream. This is ice cream is a mix of many familial favorites: chocolate, Kahlua, and brownies. All together, you’ve got a decadent, grown-up chocolate and coffee flavored indulgence.

And last, but not least, Mike (FL, USA) of Mike’s Table (hey, I know that guy) prepared way too many frozen desserts for his meager freezer.

First, a Cardamom Honey Baklava Ice Cream in Phyllo Cups. This ice cream had an intriguing and strongly cardamom-infused custard with chunks of baklava mixed in. To keep with the baklava theme, the scoops of the ice cream were served in cups sculpted from phyllo dough.

Second, we have a Caramel Rippled Apricot Ice Cream. To enjoy the apricot season, fresh apricots were poached in Sauternes and worked into an ice cream with ripples of fresh caramel and almond chunks.

Third, I made a Cherry Frozen Yogurt with Chocolate Stracciatella. I’m in a rush to enjoy the fresh cherries while they’re here, so to have a change from the usual ice cream, I made a frozen yogurt with sweet cherries and rippled in thin bits of chocolate to go with it.

Fourth, to ring in summer on July 4th down here in watermelon country, a simple and light Watermelon Sorbet with faux seeds (chocolate chips).

Fifth, a grown-up treat for the bourbon lovers out there: Mint Julep Gelato. The mint julep is a sweetened mix of bourbon and mint, which, being a favorite of mine, was a prime candidate for a dense and rich dessert.

Finally, Raspberry Tartuffi. This one begins with making a raspberry ice cream from fresh raspberries, and then forming tight scoops of ice cream which are ultimately coated with a thin shell of chocolate. They’re like home-made bon bons, but oh so much better.

So that’s everything (if I missed any entries, please let me know and I’ll fix it right away). I thought I had a lot of frozen treats that I wanted to try before, but now I have a whole lot more to add to the list. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Thanks again, everyone and be sure to share this page: the more people screaming for ice cream, the better!

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