Mango Nutella Crêpes

Once I conquered my fear of making crepes and realized I could quite easily make these at home rather than reserving them as a treat best left to the hands of someone more experienced, they found their way into my weekend breakfast repertoire. Pancakes, waffles, bagels, and omelettes are all great Saturday morning breakfast food, but there’s no reason not to include some delicious Mango Nutella Crêpes in your routine as well.

After having made my first batch of crêpes, I still had a ton of nutella in the pantry, and nutella just screams crêpes to me (and in unison, my belly was also screaming crêpes, so it was decided). So while local strawberries have come and gone, it was onto another favorite fruit that has been looking pretty darn good on the store shelves these days: mangoes! Yes, this isn’t tremendously different from the prior crêpes, but can you ever have too many? 😉

This was a delicious way to start the day. I’d realized that while I’ve done many things with mangos, I’ve never had a mango and chocolate on the same plate, which seems kind of strange in retrospect. The bright, citrusy, distinct taste of mango combined with the silky smooth, creamy, hazelnutty taste of Nutella was (here’s a big surprise) absolutely wonderful…although I’d wonder if there’s anything that isn’t made better with Nutella. 😉 If you’ve never heard of or tried Nutella before, its a spread (with a texture like smooth peanut butter) composed of chocolate and hazelnut. Yes, yum.

Packed in some light, freshly made, buttery, crisp crêpes, this was delicious. If you’ve never made crepes before, I would highly recommend you read my prior post about crêpes for detail about technique. Its not hard to do, but its the little things that make life a lot easier and will have you banging out a crêpe a minute, which is something when you’re groggy in the morning and you just want to drown in your cup of coffee already. This is also my entry for this month’s Weekend Breakfast Blogging, hosted by Arundati, where the theme is mango.

  • Crêpe batter (this will yield about 12-15 crêpes)
    • 2 cups milk
    • 1 cup flour
    • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
    • Orange zest (I used just a little, not even the zest of a quarter of an orange)
    • 4 eggs
    • 5 Tbsp melted butter
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 jar Nutella
  • 2-3 mangoes (a good sized mango should fill roughly 6 crêpes)
  • plenty of butter (~1/2 stick for greasing pan between each crepe)

Begin by making the crêpe batter at least an hour before you intend to use it. I just make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge (you can do this up to 2 days ahead). You absolutely cannot and should not make it and start cooking right away or I promise that you will have disappointing crêpes.

Making the batter is a simple 5 minute job. In a blender or food processor, mix all of the batter ingredients except for the flour and butter until homogenous. Then, melt the butter and blend that in, lastly, blending in the flour until totally smooth. The result should look like cream. Store this in a bowl, put on some plastic wrap, and let it rest in the fridge.

On the morning of, peel, pit, and slice up the mangoes. I cut the strips you see above into thirds since you want something bite-sized in the crêpes for easy eating later.

Also, pop open your can of Nutella and uh, “verify that its still good” with a finger-sized sample. Mmmm, yup, still good.

Now warm up your pan (I use a 7 inch skillet, the perfect size for crêpes if you don’t have more specialized equipment) to about medium/medium-high heat, giving it a few minutes to ensure it reaches a steady temperature. Melt down a knob of butter and swirl it around to coat the surface of the pan.

Then, scoop in 1/3 cup of the crêpe batter and very quickly tilt the pan to and fro so that the batter sheets over the entire bottom of the pan within the first second or two of being in the pan as it will cook rather quickly.

Once about 30 seconds have passed, give the pan a good shake to verify that the crêpe can move and isn’t goopy or stuck to the pan. Very carefully and confidently, get a spatula underneath and flip it over (or use two spatulas, fold in half, flip, and unfold–practice and you’ll find the technique that is most reliable for you. Expect a failed crêpe or two, but don’t give up on them if things go south–practice from start to finish), ensuring no folds, taking care to spread it out thinly in the pan again.

Now move quickly, since you have only another 30 seconds or so before the crêpe is done! Scoop on some Nutella, spread it out (carefully–its kind of thick relative to the crêpe, so do your best not to tear the crêpe!), and pile on a small handful of the sliced mango. In the prior batch of crêpes I made, I spread Nutella over the entire surface, but in this batch, I only spread it in one quadrant. The fruit always only stays in one quadrant.

Either way is delicious, but just be forewarned that a full-crêpe amount of Nutella will yield a “heavier” crêpe (figure 2 per person, whereas a quarter amount makes 3 per person more likely. Its a good way to make the batter go further if you need to and nobody will complain about having extra Nutella!).

Once the Nutella and the mango is applied and 30 seconds are up, fold half of the crêpe over the filling and then fold in half again, always bringing the “emptier” half over the mango-filled portion. Get this out of the pan and serve immediately. Very quickly wipe the inside of your pan clean with a paper towel to get any leftover batter or junk out of the pan so you have a clean slate for the next one, and then another knob of butter goes in and you get back to work. If you have a willing assistant, you could probably get a few pans going and you could really bang this out very quickly, but that seems like it would be asking for trouble. 😉 I do one at a time, but really, about a minute per crêpe is pretty fast work, so I’m not complaining.

I garnished with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar, shelled pistachios (they go so great with mango if you didn’t know), some slices of mango (as a reminder that it what you’re about to eat!), and a few very fresh, local blueberries.


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44 Responses to “Mango Nutella Crêpes”

  1. Aparna Says:

    Looks quite delicious. Don’t get Nutella here.
    But I’m always for anything with mango.

  2. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) Says:

    That is some decadent breakfast! Can’t let my husband see this post, or he’ll be wanting these crepes every day.

  3. Meeta Says:

    Nutella, Mango in a crepe – give me a fork and I am yours forever! BTW – check your mail – “Great Minds Think Alike”! Are we living in parallel worlds or what?

  4. Nora Says:

    Hello Mike,
    YUM YUM YUMMMYY! I feel a rumble in my tummy, and it’s past 11pm here… oh how could you do this to me. I love nutella, I love crepe (wish I can get that wooden crepe batter spreader thingy so that my crepes will be more even in thickness) and mangoes are always a fav. Back to nutella – i saw a monstrous sized bottle when I was in Italy. Too bad it was so heavy, otherwise I would have brought it home (doesn’t matter that it would probably take me a few years to go thru the contents).

    Thanks for your recent comment. It’s all good now, just heard positive comments from my examiners with very minor amendments (e.g. referencing error). Thank goodness for that – time to move on to a new chapter of my life – hurray!

    ciao ciao,

  5. nina Says:

    You have a serious sweet tooth at the moment Mike. These crepes are beautes!!

  6. Raquel Says:

    Awesome looking crepes! Gives me another reason to buy more Nutella!

  7. gaylen Says:

    Hi Mike, found you following links. Anyway – Those crepes look fabulous. But my husband once had a horrible experience with mango and won’t eat it if he knows it’s coming. Any suggestions for picking a ripe mango and sneaking it in on him? Thanks – g

  8. Ivy Says:

    I love crepes. Nutella and mango combination sounds heavenly.

  9. My Sweet & Saucy Says:

    Crepes have always been one of my favorite things to make. This flavor combo looks absolutely delicious!

  10. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy Says:

    Those crepes look fantastic! A very interesting flavor combination. I think it sounds great. Well done!

  11. giz Says:

    Mango and nutella together …and on a crepe… all I can say is “oy”…pass me a plate, I’ll take 2 and promise not to make any noise at the table.

  12. pam Says:

    Wonderful! As usual!

  13. Helene Says:

    What a great crêpe! Nice combo.

  14. grace Says:

    first of all, cool plate. :)
    more importantly, i had mango for the first time a couple of weeks ago (in a salad at an airport, no less), and now i can’t get enough of it. these sound perfect, because we all know that nutella enhances anything and everything it touches. :)

  15. Joanna in the kitchen Says:

    Nutella with mango is a very interesting combination. And since I am a big fan of both I must try this one in my own kitchen :-)

  16. cookinpanda Says:

    Mango and nutella! Great flavor combination. One I never would have thought of myself… Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. kittie Says:

    Can’t quite imagine nutella and mango together… Which basically means I’m going to have to try it and see!

    Btw… The last time I had nutella was melted into vodka, then put into the freezer to chill… Try it. Seriously!

  18. Deb Says:

    I have got to get out from under my rock! I still have not tried Nutella! Mango’s are so great right now, sweet and juicy!

  19. Joy Says:

    Um can I come around for breakfast at your house please? This makes my run of the mill bran flakes from this morning seem very very dull! I can’t believe you made backlava either – delicious.

  20. noble pig Says:

    oh wow, these look wonderful! I can’t even beleive it.!

  21. FlaNboyantEats Says:

    i will send you a flan if you send me some of these orgasmic crepes! seriously!

  22. FlaNboyantEats Says:

    oh and were’d u the that plate?

  23. Jan Says:

    What a great combo! They look lovely.

  24. Kevin Says:

    The mango and nutella combo sounds good!

  25. the caked crusader Says:

    Great minds clearly think alike! How strange that I should get the urge to use some nutella in my baking too this week (I can never resist sucking the spoon clean at the end of the task either!)

  26. MariannaF Says:

    oh now that is nice! You don’t see mango + nutella together so often, and I’m guessing it must taste amazing! Great blog you have btw!

  27. Deeba Says:

    I love the way Mike’s table beckons us…Sunday mornings are geting better & better! What a WOW combination! Will have to keep Dh away…or he’ll start singing for his breakfast!!

  28. Jeff Says:

    you taking applications for a roommate? I have a couple of smokers I could offer up to sweeten my application.

  29. Judy Says:

    Great looking crepes. Amazing flavor combinations!

  30. katie Says:

    Your crepes are lovely – as are the photos. But, just so you know, Nutella is also good on raw apple slices, bread, spoons and fingers….
    There was just a special on it at my local super….

  31. Marie Says:

    Those crepes look amazing! Nutella is heaven!

  32. shayne Says:

    My family loves crepes and we make them everyother Sunday and yes Nutella and crepes are a natural match we also make a lot of jam just for them. mmmmmmmmm

  33. Bellini Valli Says:

    My daughter is the crepe making diva…I’ll have to invite her to stay the night:D

  34. Mansi Says:

    The pairing here is doing weird things to my taste-buds! mango and nutella, that’s a deadly combination Mike! I made Mango-Streusel cake last week, and I stil have tonnes of mango to put to good use:)

  35. Lynn Says:

    You’re right, Nutella makes everything better. I’ve never thought to pair it with mangoes, though. They look beautiful. I’d be a happy camper if I had those for breakfast!

  36. Evelin Says:

    Mangoes and Nutella – what a luscious sounding combination! I still have to get over the fear of baking my first crepes, though. Thanks for motivation;)

  37. Medena Says:

    What a great combo! :) Yum!

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  39. steamy kitchen Says:

    wonderful! i’m going to make this w my boys this weekend

  40. sunshinemom Says:

    Lovely! When will I ever get them right?!!

  41. Archana Says:

    These looks sinfully delicious. When I lived in France, Every time we took a walk to the caroussel (the merri go round) with the kids, we had to stop at the crepe place and have some hot nutelle crepes. Yours remind me of those wonderful days. I need to give them a try… BTW, I would like to invite you to my ONE DISH MEAL- Salad event i am hosting and send a favorite salad recipe across. The rules for the event are in my website.

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  44. Karp @ Easy Crepe Recipe Says:

    I was intending to make crepes with nutella… so I searched for a few recipes. I found crepes with nutella with kiwi… with strawberries… with apples and cinamon… and now with mango! What’s wrong with you people!? :) I am amazed (and inspired) by variations of simple nutella crepe recipe.

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