Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This has quite simply become my favorite pie. Strawberries unto themselves are amazing little fruits, but there are a number of pairings that, through some sort of magic, take the flavor to new heights, whether it be balsamic vinegar, chocolate and hazelnuts, or a rich cream, and the bizarre looking rhubarb is no different. So today, a classic that’s new to me: strawberry rhubarb pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This crunchy, red stalk might have a similar color, but the flavor is not at all like strawberry–tart, not quite citric, bitter, but somehow, refreshing and pleasant. Combined with the incredible sweetness of strawberries, you have a perfect balance of sweet and tart, the end result being nothing short of bliss. I spiced the mixture just a pinch more to add a little more complexity (another great strawberry counterpoint: ginger!), and all in all, this blend of sweet, tart, and spice was wonderfully balanced and intriguing to taste. This took strawberries to a new place for me and I’ve already stocked up on another batch of berries and rhubarb.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie fresh out of the oven

Strawberry Seduction Logo
Many will argue about the proper proportion of strawberry to rhubarb, and I can entirely appreciate it–this is all very dependent on your preference for sweetness vs tartness, but seeing how I’m all about the strawberries, I kept the ratio nearly one to one. Plus, what can I say, this is also another entry in Strawberry Seduction, so how could I not? The pie has a very attractive, rich, red filling that just screams “eat me,” with the distinct flavor of strawberry enhanced by the bitterness of the rhubarb and highlighted by the spice of ginger, cardamom, and nutmeg, all finished off with my first ever-so-sexy lattice-topped crust. If strawberries were to just come in season, after making shortcakes (how can they not be first?), this would be the next urgent priority in the kitchen.

  • Pie crust
  • Filling
    • 1 lb strawberries
    • 1+ lb rhubarb cut into 1/2 inch pieces, trim ends, leaves, stringy layer
    • 1 cup sugar
    • juice of 1 lemon
    • 3 Tbsp cornstarch
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
    • 1/4 tsp ground ginger
    • dash cardamom

Prepare the pie dough into two balls

The first step to any pie is to make the crust. Once you do this, divide the dough ball into two balls, wrap tightly, and set in the fridge for 30 minutes or so to allow the butter in the dough to harden up a bit. After all, the uneven, chunky distribution of butter in the dough is the secret to success when it comes to a flaky pie crust.

Strawberries and rhubarb

So while the dough cools, there’s ample time to prepare the pie filling. The stars of the show are somewhat obviously strawberry and rhubarb. So with these two, lusciously red items out, hull the berries, sliver vertically, and dice the rhubarb into ~1/2 inch slices (like you would celery). Also take this time to preheat the oven to 400°F.

Fill the pie crust with macerated strawberries, rhubarb, lemon juice, spices, and cornstarch

Now, in a bowl, toss the strawberries and rhubarb with the sugar and lemon juice. Let this macerate for 10 minutes or so to get the beginnings of the juices out in the bowl. While you wait, you can return to the pie dough balls, rolling out ball number one and spreading it over the bottom and sides of the pan. Once that is set, add the remaining filling ingredients to the strawberry bowl and mix into the juices well until totally incorporated. The color will become cloudy due to the cornstarch. Once well mixed, empty the contents of this bowl into the pie crust.

Lace up the second ball of dough into a lattice

The final decorative flourish: I made a lattice top (my first ever which is why it looks so good 😉 ). This can be a slight hassle, but the result looks great, so if you’re making this pie for a crowd, this is a great way to impress. The work involved isn’t too difficult, so if you have the time and patience, simply roll out the remaining half of your pie dough, slice, lay, fold, and weave.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

If the thought of making a weave/lattice has you ready to run screaming, simply roll out the remaining dough, lay it on top of the pie, crimp the edges, and add some slits near the middle (so it can vent). The pie will still impress, I promise. 😉 You can also bake the pie without a top layer of dough at all–still very sexy, just in a different way.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Whatever top layer you decide to make for your pie crust, transfer this to the oven for 30-40 minutes (as long as the pie requires to set–it should look slightly jiggly when you gently shake it, not liquidy and sloshy). Remove and let cool off, ideally, letting it rest in the fridge for several hours before you dig in (this will allow the filling to thicken up some more, making for a better presentation than having your pie just bleed filling everywhere when you cut into it).

Slice of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

But whenever you do finally dig in, consider whipping up some fresh creme chantilly (so much better than store-bought whipped cream and so easy to make), and enjoy!

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23 Responses to “Strawberry Rhubarb Pie”

  1. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) Says:

    Goodness, is it rhubarb season already? I have fond memories of rhubarb — it’s the first food my family grew, albeit by accident. We had moved to a new house in the suburbs after a lifetime in NYC, and we had a back yard. My dad would mow — but in the spring this strange plant would keep coming back and coming back. Finally a neighbor told him it was rhubarb!

  2. Meeta Says:

    wow! rhubarb and strawberries all in a pie! lovely mike!

  3. noble pig Says:

    That is some beautiful lattice work! Love it!

  4. RecipeGirl Says:

    Have you tired of strawberries yet, Mike? You’re doing a great job with all of your strawberry creations. I haven’t experimented much with rhubarb, but I think this will have to be the year to do so. Your pie looks worthy of eating for breakfast!

  5. a. grace Says:

    lovely lattice! pretty pie! the rosy rhubarb and succulent strawberries make a perfect pair!

    i know, i know–my alliteration skills are amazing. :)

  6. Peter Says:

    Good lattice work on your pie. Strawberries make rhubarb bearable.

  7. katie Says:

    Strawberry rhubarb anything is the best combination of fruit, ever!
    If only they had the same season (for me – my strawberries are June – August, rhubarb in April)

  8. pam Says:

    Oh my gosh! I can practically taste this, I want some!

  9. Pixie Says:

    Very yummy, Mike. Wish I froze some rhubarb now.

  10. NIna Says:

    Fantastic piece of work, Mike.

  11. Sandie (Inn Cuisine) Says:

    I have a confession that is going to make me seem very un-Midwestern (as rhubarb is a big deal here in the Midwest.) I have never tried strawberry-rhubarb pie.

    Strangely enough, I’ve developed much interest in this type of pie lately, as I’m on a personal quest to create the world’s best pie crust (don’t ask, I’m a glutton for punishment.)

    Since everyone I’ve ever met raves about the combination of strawberry and rhubarb (and since strawberries are my favorite,) I believe it’s time for me to break down and give this combination a try. Wish me luck!

  12. Kevin Says:

    Strawberries and rhubarb are one of my favorite combos! Your pie looks really good! Nice job on the cross work on the crust. I can’t wait for the local strawberries and rhubarb!

  13. kate Says:

    hey Mike … i’ve never tried these 2 together. i’m sure its a killer combo !

  14. sunita Says:

    Wow Mike! That is a lovely pie…love the strawberry-rhubarb combo :-)

  15. kittie Says:

    Mike, love the look of this pie! I have never had any success with making pie’s unfortunately – but might try a rhubarb and strawberry crumble instead!!

  16. Deb Says:

    Have not had a strawberry-rhubarb pie since the good ol’ days with my grandma! I must tell you, I keep enjoying coming to your site to see what you are cookin’ up with strawberries! Still 3 lbs. for $5 here!

  17. Zlamushka Says:

    Mike, sexy pie, I love rhubarb, man that looks yummy… I have sent in my entry for the sexy berry event. Hope you got it…

  18. mike Says:

    Lydia — lol, that’s quite a resilient plant and a funny story! I’d actually only just discovered it, and seeing how its more of a northern thing, I feel like I’m probably missing out on better rhubarb, but so far, I really enjoy it!

    Meeta — thanks! They really pair quite nicely :-)

    noble — thanks! It came out better than it felt like it was coming at the time. Although I can’t say I’ll be doing *that* for every pie, lol

    RecipeGirl — not in the least! I could eat strawberry-something or other for a long time to come, but sadly, it looks like the season is drawing to a close down here. :-/ As for experimenting with rhubarb, I agree, you really have to try it. Now that I’ve discovered it, I realize I have a lot of other combinations to try. And thanks!

    a.grace — lol, awesome alliterations abound! 😉

    Peter — haha, not a rhubarb fan I take it? 😮 And thank you very much! :-)

    katie — after having this pie, I have to agree and I have more strawberry-rhubarb things coming a bit in the future. I figure I owe you all a break from strawberries for a little while 😉 That is a tricky problem though with the seasons since freezing strawberries can limit what you might do with them. :-/ Thanks!

    pam — thanks! :-)

    Pixie — thanks! Hopefully you’ll have some fresh by you soon

    Nina — thank you very much 😀

    Sandie — never? 😮 You really have to try it! And then you have to let me know how you like it! 😉 Also, good luck in your quest for the perfect crust…I can’t say if mine is perfect or not, but it works. I dunno how much pie crust experimentation I could endure–its one of those endeavors that always tests my patience, I forget about it, enjoy the results, and then get frustrated again the next time I do it, lol.

    Kevin — thanks! I’m sad that strawberry season is coming to a close here…I wish I had more time to work with this combination. What have I been missing all this time!

    kate — ah, you have to try it, you’ll love it! Thanks :-)

    sunita — thanks! 😀

    kittie — sorry to hear pies have given you trouble, but a crumble sounds just as wonderful! Plus, then you get to the best part (eating it) quicker! Let me know how it goes

    Deb — glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the sweet deals as well. It kills me that it just finally ran out and we’re back to the crazy prices. :-/

    Zlamushka — thanks! 😀 And thanks for the entry–it looks great!

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  20. Cris Says:

    I made this yesterday. I have never had strawberry rhubarb pie but was intrigued. Can’t wait to bite into it tonight!

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  22. Judy Says:

    Where did you get rhubarb from??? That pie looks incredible!!!

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