Nutella Crêpes w/Strawberry & Banana

Crepes were always a rare but special treat for me as a kid. When we’d go on family vacations, there would be a few places that we absolutely had to go to for breakfast so we could have crepes. As simple as they are, something about them is just always a delight, and so for breakfast (or a dessert), today we have nutella and fruit (strawberry and banana) filled crêpes.

Crêpes — nutella & strawberry, nutella & banana

Given how special crepes were to me as a kid, when I was much younger, my brother and I had tried to make crepes for my mother on Mother’s Day (fancy schmancy breakfast in bed–what more could you ask for? 😮 ). Of course, having no real knowledge of cooking and a box of pancake mix did not spell success–along with the fact that we didn’t notice that the box was about two years past expiration. To make a long story short, those crepes were henceforth known as “craps,” and it has been one of those items that I never tried again, just having this latent, back of my mind anxiety that crepes are hard.

Recently, the Mulligan pantry was bestowed with a lot of nutella, and its a rare thing that my wife specifically requests that I cook something, let alone something I haven’t cooked before. So with nutella in hand, she asked that I make crepes. The gift of crepes again, but armed with a bit more knowledge, well, the stakes were high! I couldn’t take another batch of craps!

Well it turns out, crepes aren’t hard and they’re just as much of a delight to have as ever! You don’t need any special crepe pan or machine to do it–a small/medium sized skillet will do just fine (e.g. ~7 inch nonstick skillet is what I used). With a little patience and a few minor points about technique, these are pretty easy to make, incredibly tasty, and a great dish to wow a crowd if you’re entertaining around breakfast time. Plus, the nice thing about crepes, is that like pancakes, there’s really no limit to what other flavors and fillings you can use.

So with that addictive chocolatey, hazelnutty spread in the mix, things couldn’t go wrong. I chose to add in some diced strawberries as well as diced bananas since both of these fruits go wonderfully with chocolate. The result was a crisp, but delicate, light crepe with a luscious, gooey chocolatey, fruity filling. If you were looking for a way to give yourself diabetes before noon rolls around, this is the way to do it. 😉

This is also my entry in this month’s Sugar High Friday, hosted by Habeas Brulee.

  • Crêpe batter
    • 2 cups milk
    • 1 cup flour
    • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
    • Orange zest (I used just a little, not even the zest of a quarter of an orange)
    • 4 eggs
    • 5 Tbsp melted butter
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 jar Nutella
  • 2 bananas
  • 5 good sized strawberries
  • plenty of butter (~1/2 stick for greasing pan between each crepe)

Mix crêpe batter and refrigerate for at least an hour

The first step is to make the crepe batter, but this requires a bit more planning than say, rolling out of bed and just making pancakes. A part of what makes crepe batter so delicate is the fact that not only is it fairly wet and creamy, but that it is also given several hours in the fridge to sit, ensuring that the grains of flour, even at the smallest levels, really absorb that moisture and soften up. If the plan for crepes is breakfast, I’d recommend preparing the batter the night before so you can get right to it in the morning. Otherwise, just give yourself at least an hour (preferably more) to let the batter rest before you work with it.

With that word of planning out of the way, making the batter itself is really easy. In a blender or a food processor, mix everything except for the butter and the flour. Then, melt the butter and add that, mixing well, and lastly, add in the flour. Process this batter for a good minute or so to ensure it is totally smooth. Ultimately, it should look kind of like cream and be pretty liquidy. Cover this over and let it rest in the fridge.

Dice up the bananas and strawberries

So now, fast forward to cooking time. The filling is very simple: peel and halve the bananas, dicing small pieces. Set this aside and also hull and dice the strawberries. Oh, and open the jar of nutella. Easy, right?

Now for some reason, I hadn’t regarded nutella as “real” chocolate (not really sure why…), so when I decided it would be easier to work with while warm, I just put it in a saucepan. I’m well aware that real chocolate requires a double boiler or some other, gentler heat, and the big non-surprise: just like “real” chocolate, nutella will sieze up and get all junky when heated so harshly. Doh! So a little nutella wasted–I didn’t bother warming up the rest, and honestly, it didn’t need any warming. Just thought I’d save any readers from making the same mistake. 😉

Cook a thin sheet of batter for about 30 seconds

So anyways, get the pan you intend to cook with and warm it up to medium/medium-high heat, being sure not to rush it. Give it 5 minutes or so.

Once warmed up, toss in a knob of butter and grease the pan all over. Once the butter has coated everything and has totally melted down, its time for the action. Lift the skillet off of the heat and hold it over your bowl of batter. Scoop in about 1/3 cup of batter, and as soon as it makes contact with the skillet, shake and tilt the skillet so as to form a thin sheet and spread the batter evenly all over the workable surface of the skillet within the first few seconds. The batter will thicken up and begin to cook very quickly, so return this to the heat.

Flip, spread on nutella, and pile the fruit on a quarter of the crêpe

After about 30 seconds on the heat (time flies!), give the skillet a good shake to ensure the crepe is ready–it should be well formed and slip out of place pretty easily. So now, very carefully, flip the crepe over and start cooking the other side. A wide, flexible spatula might make this easy, or, if you can’t seem to pull that off, simply slide the spatula under an edge and fold the crepe gently in half (so the wet part would be “inside” the fold). You should then be able to lift the loosely folded crepe fairly easily with your spatula and unfold it with ease, landing it wet side down into the skillet. If I had a third arm, I would have gotten a photo of this maneuver. 😉 Don’t worry if you don’t quite get the first one right (or the second)–just follow it all the way through. The practice will help you get the next ones right. I botched the first two crepes trying to get the temperature of the pan and the handling just right (and the one that required that I stop and take photos. This is where I need a photographer…or a fourth arm?). 😉

Now that you’ve flipped the crepe, you need to keep moving as this is the time to get the filling in place. So carefully, quickly, and gently spread the nutella all over the cooked side of the crepe as thinly as possible while the crepe is still cooking (I was better able to spread it on thinner on my later crepes than the above photo shows). Given that the nutella is somewhat thick, this can also be a slightly tricky maneuver since the crepe is super thin and not done cooking, but its a great way to ensure that the filling warms up nicely and it helps you keep putting out completed crepes fast.

Fold in half and half again, forming fans. Serve immediately

Once done spreading the nutella, form a small pile of diced fruit over 1/4 of the crepe. Then, grab a half of the crepe (that has no fruit piled on it), folding over the crepe. Then, grab the non-fruit filled half of that and fold in half yet again. This will leave you with a fan-like pocket, a 1/4 sized crepe with all of the fruit filling spread on the bottom and nutella everywhere in between. Now get that on a plate and serve immediately–you’ve got more crepes to make! Be sure to wipe any junk (e.g. stray pieces of batter, fruit, etc) out of your pan and melt down a fresh knob of butter between each crepe.

I garnished with a sprinkled of confectionary sugar and walnuts, but there are countless other appropriate sides/garnishes (e.g. fresh fruit, whipped cream, etc). Figure about 2 crepes per person should do just right. Whatever you go with, enjoy!

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34 Responses to “Nutella Crêpes w/Strawberry & Banana”

  1. Susan from Food Blogga Says:

    Would you believe I haven’t made homemade crepes since high school? It was for a French class project! You have completely inspired me, Mike. These sound scrumptious!

  2. Peter Says:

    I love melted nutella in crepes and you’ve plated this immaculately.

  3. noble pig Says:

    Wow, when Nutella is invloved I have no hope. I am pathetically addicted to anything Nutella!

  4. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) Says:

    Last night at dinner my husband was reminiscing about the crepes he would get from street vendors in Brussels when he traveled there many years ago — drenched in butter and sugar, they were out of this world.

  5. Bellini Valli Says:

    Nutella & strawberries, oh my gosh are these incredible or what. My daughter will be visiting next week and she is the crepe Queen!!!

  6. Pixie Says:

    OH No, you’re writing about crepes! how dare you….now I’m going to have to take the box down for the crepe mixture tomorrow morning and have some crepes possibly for breakfast- you’re a bad influence Mike.

  7. Kevin Says:

    Those crepes look really good! I’ve made nutella and banana crepes before and they were really good. Adding strawberries sounds like a great idea!

  8. Deb Says:

    Wow these look yummy Mike! I have to be honest with you, I have never tried Nutella! I have seen a few folks use it, actually Giada on the food network uses it every once in awhile, but have never picked it up. Now you have my interest, especially with STRAWBERRIES!

  9. Joy the Baer Says:

    Those look absolutely heavenly! I have to admit, I’ve never made crepes, and I think I’ve only eaten them once. Yours are lovely and inspire to step out of my box and try these. Thanks!

  10. Bubbles Says:

    Wow, I’m so proud of you Michael, those crepes really look delicious, too perfect to eat. Forget the flowers, I know what I want for Mother’s Day!

  11. Bubbles Says:

    PS, I never said they were crap, did I?

  12. RecipeGirl Says:

    These look pretty hard to resist. Love nutella in anything!

  13. Holler Says:

    They are definitley crepes and not craps this time! They look sumptous and a bit wicked1

  14. Joanna in the kitchen Says:

    Heaven on earth. I love those crepes and I simply have to prepare them very soon. Tomorrow!!!

  15. Mansi Says:

    That’s “deadly” Mike!! crepes can NEVER get any better:)

  16. brilynn Says:

    Those look awesome!
    I saw some strawberry butter at work the other day and that would probably be pretty good in those too!

  17. Helene Says:

    Looks really good and I wonder why people pay a fortune at a restaurant for that meal.

  18. Tartelette Says:

    Nutella crepes were my favorites as a chils …and still are. Looks wonderful, smart wife :), sweet husband :)

  19. kittie Says:

    Mmmm… crepes… (insert homer-esque gargle)

    And with the banana and strawberries, these are healthy, right??

  20. Sandie (Inn Cuisine) Says:

    Hi Mike! Just discovered your blog and found your wonderful rendition of crepes. Love Nutella (have an empty jar in the trash bin and a new one in the pantry,) but have never tried it with crepes! I am so going there in the near future.

    FYI – If you enjoy making crepes and experimenting with flavors, I recently wrote a short series on them at Inn Cuisine. While the recipes serve more people (as they are designed for bed & breakfast owners/proprietors,) should you find one you like, just halve it and enjoy!

  21. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy Says:

    “Craps”! Hahahahahaha! I love it! My crepes are usually craps too. Crepes with Nutella is about as close to nirvana as you can get. I ate them all day long in Paris! You nailed it!

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  23. Deb Says:

    Now this is too funny. I am reading a book right now called “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry” by Kathleen Flinn. It is about a gal that quits her job and goes to the Cordon Bleu in Paris. Her and a friend stop for a bite and what does she get? Your exact crepe! That was too cool! Even with the Nutella!

  24. mike Says:

    Susan — that’s a long time (and a good project)! I’d love to see you revisit them! Thanks

    Peter — thanks! :-)

    noble — agreed. Nutella is one of those superfoods like bacon–it just seems to make everything better. Thanks!

    Lydia — that sounds like it would be delicious!

    Bellini — definitely an indulgent flavor! Sounds like you’ll need to get some fresh crepes out of the visit, hope it goes well! Thanks!

    Pixie — haha, sorry! And thanks! :-)

    Kevin — I’d initially only planned on banana and nutella myself, but as luck would have it…and I could eat chocolate covered strawberries all day, so I figured how could it go wrong? Thanks!

    Deb — haha, thought I’d give a small tease with the strawberries before the onslaught of strawberry posts begins! Nutella should be on the list of things to try–if you like chocolate and hazelnuts, you will love nutella. Having dessert in spreadable form is a wonderful and dangerous thing. 😉 Thanks!

    Joy — thanks! :-) Crepes are a rare treat for me, but really, there’s no reason not to have them more often, and now that I know how approachable they are, I’ll have to work with them some more. I look forward to seeing your take on crepes–I’m sure you’ll do something great with them!

    Bubbles — haha, one might be easier to get to you in the mail than the other! I’ve sadly learned leftover crepes just weren’t meant to be. And no, you never called them that! 😛

    RecipeGirl — thanks and agreed!

    Holler — haha, thanks! I was worried after the very first one that I’d managed to make craps all over again, but luckily not!

    Joanna — thanks! I hope you try them out, I’d love to hear how it goes.

    Mansi — thanks! :-)

    brilynn — thanks! Strawberry butter alone sounds like it would be awesome (I’d never thought of it), but in crepes, that sounds like it would be to die for! That one goes on the to-do list…

    Helene — thanks! I guess its one of those rare treats for people that comes off as more difficult than it is *shrugs*

    Tartelette — always a favorite breakfast of mine as well! And thanks on both counts! :-)

    kittie — Haha, *gargle* indeed. And anything with fruit in it is healthy–how else could I eat all of these desserts, lol? Thanks!

    Sandie — welcome and thanks for visiting! I really like the series you posted on your site and will have to give those ideas a try. I’m sure nutella will fit right into the mix! 😉 I hope to see you again

    Susan — lol, glad to hear I’m not alone in the craps crowd! But definitely a great treat. Thanks!

    Deb — that’s a funny coincidence! Thanks for the pointer

  25. Habeas Brulee » Blog Archive » Roundup: Sugar High Friday #41: Sweet Gifts Says:

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  26. Lisa/The Apron Queen Says:

    I fell in love with Nutella when we were stationed in Italy. The heck with cooking supper! I’m making a bunch of desserts after reading SHF!!

    Stop by for a visit. I’ll even save one of my baked apples for you! 😀

    Confessions of an Apron Queen:

  27. Niall Harbison Says:

    Hi there,

    I just stumbled accross your blog by using stumbleupon and love the design of the whole thing! I normally skip straight past food blogs as I have over 20 in my RSS and dont even have enough time to read the ones that I have! I am started out as a blogger myself and always tried to keep the design simple like yours as I think it is crucial, especially if you can back it up with some nice food pics like yours! Keep up the good work and if you feel like sharing some of the photos with other foodies pop over to which is my new site for foodies! Cheers!

  28. Chuck Says:

    O Boy, that looks good. All those crepes need is a little whipped cream. Looks amazing!

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  31. mano Says:

    i want to open the crepes resturant in egypt

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